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Brazil prevails at the rhythm of the pigeons in the World Cup in Qatar 2022 |  OPINION

Brazil prevails at the rhythm of the pigeons in the World Cup in Qatar 2022 | OPINION

Brazil prevails at the rhythm of the pigeons in the World Cup in Qatar 2022 |  OPINION

Dance Richarlison. Dance Tite. Dance the world of football to the rhythm of goals and to the rhythm of pru pru pru. Yes, to the sound of the catchy onomatopoeia in the “Dança do Pombo” (“The Dance of the Pigeon”), the viral celebration after the exhibition of goals and fantasies from Scratch against South Korea.

Minute 29 of the game. Richarlison dominates the ball with his head outside the area; one, two, three soft, delicate touches; he supports it with his forehead before the attack of a defender, touches it with his foot and passes it to Marquinhos without touching the ground, he to Casemiro, a beautiful wall, and back to Richarlison, who defines with quality. A GO-LA-ZO. In uppercase.

And on the field, the extreme joy among the players, knowing that it has been a work of art. A moment of pure beauty. And on the bench, the substitutes who form a crescent with the coach Tite in the center, Alves who calls Richarlison with his hand, come, come, and when he arrives, everyone to dance. A new success for the networks. Pru pru pru.

A little less than two weeks ago, when Brazil beat Serbia 2-0 with goals from Richarlison, the media in his country began to remember where those peculiar movements came from. They then brought to light Mc Faíscaa singer who in 2014 composed a song inspired by a pigeon that dirty him with excrement, while frolicking on a beach.

An eschatological drive to create –together with his band Os Perseguidores– the tune, the lyrics and the video, where what stood out the most were the people with pigeon heads imitating the wiggles and chirping of these birds.

Four years later, Richarlison recorded himself in a hotel while listening to the song and repeating the gestures. What happened next is already known: the fans liked it and it became their trademark after a goal.“They are very young and I try to adapt a bit to their language, and part of their language is dancing”, the Brazilian coach explained why he joined his footballers, denying any kind of mockery towards the rival. “Shake your head, shrug your shoulders…”, says part of the cantilena. And while Richarlison, Tite and Brazil give us one of the stellar moments of the World Cup, the pigeons… the pigeons continue with their pru pru pru.

Source: Elcomercio

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