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“Tite knows his team from head to toe”

Messi fan to die. To such an extent that he looks for Argentine bars in Miami, where he is traveling these days, to watch the World Cup matches. Natalia Delgado, is a producer at Movistar Deportes and she lives the World Cup fever from wherever she is. For the final stages of the World Cup, she has the unstoppable Brazil as her great candidate.

“Your candidate?”

It is difficult to choose one, everything is very even. None of the favorites won their 3 group stage matches (Brazil, Spain and Argentina). But that’s where I give more faith to Brazil. It is true that he has several casualties, but his substitute bank can easily be another competitive team. Tite knows his team from head to toe, he put together a great defense and in offense he just has to place the pieces well, because in the end they work alone.

—Who will be the goalscorer for Qatar?

For me the goalscorer is going to be Messi, I have no doubts.

—What is your opinion about the World Cup that Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mbappé are doing?

The Frenchman has already been showing what he is made of, he himself can put together a play from where you think there are no more spaces. And Leo is Leo. He will appear when his team needs him the most, he is a hero, in the round of 16 he stood out and in the quarterfinals he will surely do the same.

—Where do you watch the World Cup?

In Miami, where I’m on vacation. I like to look for an Argentine bar to see that passion that characterizes them so much.

—Do you have any World Cup cabal?

Cabals no. I don’t believe in that, I just do like to have a lot of sports app on when I watch games. To have the information of everything at hand.

—What is the first World Cup you remember or the one you saw first?

Germany 2006. I already had a better idea of ​​how football was played and understood more. I remember that I followed Mexico and Omar Bravo a lot. I cried and it’s no joke when Argentina eliminated him in the round of 16.

—How much of an impact did it have on you?

After that World Cup I liked soccer much more. I was 16 years old, I was in school and I felt much more convinced to dedicate myself to sports journalism.

—Does the World Cup really paralyze you?

It doesn’t paralyze me, it gives me movement (laughs), mostly because of the job and because of how happy it makes me to see so much competitive football every day.

“Do you bet or play any dick?”

I’m playing a dick and I’ve bet, but I already divorced both. I don’t want to know more (laughs)

—What is missing for the women’s soccer world cup to attract this attention? Will it ever be done?

It’s going to get done. All sports advance. You already saw the masculine, now everything is so different, there are no favorites. There are teams, there are athletes and soccer players. That will happen with the feminine too. Now people are more interested and many more teams put on true football shows. Time to time.

—What do you think of those who still believe that women don’t know about soccer?

I think they must have many limitations in their life too. It disappoints me when I still hear people say that. Men and women are professionals, one can stand out more than the other. Both have the possibility to study and work. I know many colleagues who know more than some and vice versa and it’s perfect.

Source: Elcomercio

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