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Alvina Ruiz: “The saddest memory was Maradona’s doping”

1. What number would you wear if you were a soccer player?

Even number. The 8.

2. Who is the best Peruvian soccer player of all time?

Teofilo Cubillas for his ten goals in the World Cups. One of them from a free kick to Scotland.

3. Which Peruvian World Cup team did you like the most?

The one from 78, the midfield with Cubillas, Cueto and Velásquez.

4. What would your dream goal with Peru be like in a World Cup?

I would like a shot of christian cave from midfield.

5. What rival would make you tremble?


6. What is the phrase of a football narrator that you remember the most?

“There will be one more goal”, by Daniel Peredo.

7. The Peruvian goal you shouted the most?

That of Christian Ramos, when we classified Russia by beating New Zealand. It was 2-0 of tranquility.

8. The best soccer memory?

When we beat Brazil 3-1 on their stadium, in the 1975 Copa América.

9. The saddest moment in football?

It was the positive for doping of Diego Maradona in the 1994 World Cup in the United States.

10. What’s the weirdest cabal you followed for a game?

I liked Ricardo Gareca’s cabals, like the presence of a girlfriend in the previews of the matches.

11. Pele or Maradona?

Pelé, for discipline and performance on the pitch.

12. Messi or Cristiano?

The historic rivalry. messi from afar

13. The World Cup player you would never have on your team? Why?

Ferrán Torres due to conflict of interest [risas].

14. Football with VAR or without VAR?

With VAR out of habit.

15. Do you agree with Qatar as the venue?

I disagree about the changes in dates and times. The footballers arrive with greater physical exhaustion.

16. What female soccer player do you most admire?

Alexia Putellas, Spanish,

Source: Elcomercio

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