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Cristiano Ronaldo and an uncertain future: What does the Portuguese hold after being eliminated from Qatar 2022?

Cristiano Ronaldo he has not been able to fulfill his dream of winning a World Cup with Portugal. He couldn’t even make it to a final. The feeling of frustration is inevitable. But it is necessary to turn the page quickly and that is what he is doing two months after his 38th birthday.

Withdraw or keep trying? That is the dilemma that surely runs through the mind of the Portuguese. He has already tried many times. To be exact, in the World Cup there were five failed attempts with his team, beyond the fact that he individually made history.

Everything indicates that Qatar 2022 was the farewell, but with CR7 nothing has been said. He, accustomed to not giving up and fighting to the end even though his age weighs heavily on him, can still aspire to another end with his team, at least that’s what he hinted a little in his last message.

“It is not worth reacting hotly. I just want everyone to know that a lot has been said, a lot has been written, a lot has been speculated, but my dedication to Portugal has not changed at any time. I always fought for everyone’s goal and I would never turn my back on my colleagues and my country.”he expressed on his social networks.

Will you continue with Portugal?

His message, unfortunately, leaves more questions than answers. It is clear that Cristiano never wants to turn his back on his country. But, is this perhaps a clue to understand his possible continuity in his selection? Is not safe. For now there are some challenges that he could still take on as captain if he is willing to do so.

The Nations League 2022/23 is already lost. A defeat against Spain on the last date deprived Portugal of the Final Four this season. Nevertheless, CR7 could aspire to compete in the next edition of this tournament (2023/24). And why not?

In the same way, In 2024, already 39 years old, the Portuguese star will lead a new Euro Cup -it would be the sixth of his career- and what better than to try again to savor glory in this tournament, as he already did in 2016 against all odds.

Then, there are also the matches of the European Qualifiers -between 2023 and 2025- towards the Canada/United States/Mexico World Cup in 2026. It may be that Cristiano is part of this new qualifying process, but the chances of playing a new World Cup at 41 are not great. Even worse considering that he has lost prominence, being relegated to the substitute bench in the last two games of Qatar 2022.

TournamentStartCR7 age
Nations League 2023-24August 202338 years
Euro 2024June 202439 years
UEFA qualifiersAugust 202440 years
World Cup 2026June 202641 years

And at club level?

Cristiano Ronaldo, today, is without a club. His disastrous departure from Manchester United occurred when the Portuguese star was playing in the World Cup. Now, he is looking for a new team that welcomes him, that allows him to continue competing at the highest level and that can consent to his salary claims. The latter is the most difficult.

In fact, It is likely that in the next transfer market, which opens in January, some European giant will be seriously interested in their services. Although he is not going through a good football moment, CR7 is backed by his story.

Cristiano Ronaldo has no club |  Photo: AP

In addition, the Portuguese is a free agent, which will facilitate any future operation. Of course, he will have to reach a good agreement so that his salary is not as high as usual.

What has been heavily rumored in recent days is that Cristiano could play in Saudi Arabia. The newspaper Marca had confirmed that the Portuguese was going to wear the Al-Nassr shirt from January 1 for a contract of 200 million per season, which CR7 himself denied.. However, playing in that Arab league is not a possibility that has to be ruled out entirely.

It must be taken into account that Al-Nassr is a team that usually plays in the Asian Champions League and, For now, they are qualifying for the next edition of the tournament (2nd in the Saudi Professional League), Therefore, although Cristiano would not play his favorite competition in Europe, he could do so on the Asian continent.

Be that as it may, he will have the last word. Nobody else. Only he knows what condition his body is in and also his mind. Only he will know at what age he should hang up his chimpunes. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo still does not foresee an end so soon.

Source: Elcomercio

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