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ANALYSIS: Is it a failure or not that Brazil, number 1 in the ranking, has been eliminated from the World Cup in the quarterfinals?

Since the beginning, Brazil he had to fight against history in Qatar 2022. Never before has a team that has played in the World Cup, being number one in the FIFA ranking, tasted glory. The ‘Scratch’ dreamed of breaking that curse and reaching his six-time world championship, but -once again- he has not been able to do so. His dream ended sooner than he expected: in the quarterfinals.

At the hands of Croatia, their first executioner on penalties after 36 years, the Brazilian team failed again in its attempt to be world champion. Since Korea-Japan 2002 they have not repeated the triumphant dish and frustration is inevitable.

But is this elimination perhaps a resounding failure for Brazil? Is being eliminated in the quarterfinals of the World Cup seriously? For some experts yes, for others not so much.

And it is that this Brazil of Tite had more than one reason to lift the Cup, although staying among the eight best on the planet does not look so bad either. The dilemma is on the table and here we analyze it.

The best of the ranking

One of the main reasons why Brazil had to be world champion in Qatar 2022 or, at least, have reached the final, is that this team faced the contest as the first in the FIFA ranking.

The ‘Scratch’ leads the current classification above other powers such as Belgium (2nd), Argentina (3rd), France (4th) and England (5th); however, this had little influence on the time of the hour. Tite’s team was surpassed by none other than Croatia, a team that is 11 steps below it in the ranking (12th)..

Furthermore, Brazil could barely lead their group. Despite having all the odds in their favor to settle the initial round of the World Cup with a perfect score, a loss against Cameroon made them level on points with Switzerland (6), although a better goal difference helped them finish on top .

What had to be perfect ended up being imperfect. Although he gave South Korea a dance in the round of 16 that excited the entire country about him, then he crashed into the Croatian wall. His favorite status, unfortunately, did not allow him to go further than the quarterfinals like four years ago.

“Brazil competed very well, it was full of stars, and the game (of the quarterfinals) was really defined in details that Croatia could control better than Brazil. In the World Cups, only one team wins and this team reached the quarterfinals, which I don’t really think is a failure.”says the Argentine journalist from Telemundo Sports.

The best in South America?

Brazil has been a virtually impossible opponent to beat in South America. In the Qualifiers for Qatar 2022, he did not lose a single game. He maintained an impressive undefeated record (14 wins and three draws) that allowed him to close as leader of the table above Scaloni’s Argentina.

Also, In 17 games, the ‘Scratch’ was the team that scored the most goals (40) and the one that conceded the least (5) in the South American qualifier. With these figures he made anyone fear and it is not for less. Tite’s painting was at a very high level.

Brazil was the best team in the South American Qualifiers for Qatar 2022 PHOTOS: FERNANDO SANGAMA

All this put Brazil with expectations to the brim. Without a doubt, he was the great candidate to take the title in Qatar 2022, even above France (today in ‘semis’). However, those from Tite could not meet their ambitious goals in this World Cup.

“Failures go hand in hand with the expectations created and Brazil generated a lot of expectations. Because of the history of that shirt, because of the titles won, because of all that it means for Brazil to participate in a World Cup, whenever Brazil plays we are all going to look at it with expectations and in another way, believing that there is a potential champion there. of the world”points out Juan José Buscalia, an Argentine journalist for DirecTV Sports.

Argentina, which was the shadow of ‘Scratch’ in the Qualifiers, has already gone further and is only one step away from the final. Obviously this is football, but the ‘Canarinha’ could not meet expectations with their game in all their presentations.

“We must add that he had only one good game, against Korea. The performance was below expectations.values ​​the Paraguayan journalist from Channel 13.

The 1,455 million were not enough

If there is something to highlight about Brazil, it is the great squad it has. Even, the ‘Scratch’ put aside some cracks -of great value- to form a compact squad with other more cracks. There is no doubt that Tite had a very difficult task to choose his 26.

It was as it was, they were those that had to be, with Neymar always to the head. The ‘Canarinha’ formed an authentic firmament of stars that anyone would like to have. An enviable squad made for great things… like winning the World Cup.

In fact, according to the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES), Brazil has been the second most expensive team in the World Cup with a price tag for its squad of 1,455 million euros Overall, being Vinicius Junior from Real Madrid who has the most value (201 million). Only England surpassed him in this line (1,499 million).

Brazil has a team full of stars |  Photo: EFE

Unfortunately, those millions were not enough, much less decisive, to achieve the feat. With that enormous value, worthy of the quality of its players, Brazil was “forced” to be in the top four at least.

“It is a failure because of the instance more than because of the rival (Croatia). When one says that Brazil reached the quarterfinals, one never imagines that. He always puts it on from the semifinals because of the squad he has”says Marcelo Burgos.

With figures like Neymar, Richarlison, Vinicius, Casemiro, Marquinhos and more, it is inexplicable that this team has not been able to meet expectations in the World Cup. The numerous titles, goals and achievements that these stars have achieved with their clubs should now be reflected with the national team, but that hasn’t happened in 20 years.

“Beyond the shirt and the story, This team had arguments to go much further, be at least in the semifinals or in the final. So, I think that it was a failure for Brazil in the World Cup, unfortunately. I had more, but mistakes in a World Cup are paid dearly and Brazil paid for it”says Juanjo Buscalia.

It is known that in football logic is often illogical. There is absolutely nothing 100% sure. And Brazil, despite the fact that it had a large percentage in its favor, fell into the implausibility of this sport. There was little he could do to reaffirm his status as a candidate in the quarterfinals.

Croatia, with little, generated a lot of damage and exposed a Brazil without the ability to prevail on the scoreboard in 120 minutes. For what this means, for how much their team is worth and for what their history commands, this participation in the ‘Scratch’ has surely been a failure. This is also how the same players and the same Brazilian fans feel.

Source: Elcomercio

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