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Nice – OM incidents: “I wish the LFP good luck”, what penalties for the two clubs?

Images that have toured the world of football. Sunday evening, the Ligue 1 match between OGC Nice and Olympique de Marseille was interrupted in the 75th minute, after the pitch was invaded by supporters from Nice, and a general fight between players and managers of the two clubs . A hallucinating scene which ultimately led to the stoppage of the match, after the Marseillais refused to return to the lawn, fearing for their safety.

The two clubs summoned before the disciplinary committee

This Monday morning, the LFP reacted in a press release to the incidents of the day before, by summoning the two clubs for the disciplinary committee on Wednesday. “Following the serious incidents of the meeting OGC Nice – Olympique de Marseille, the Disciplinary Commission of the LFP summons the two clubs for the session of Wednesday, August 25, 2021”, the league is satisfied. Contacted by 20 Minutes, she indicates that there will be “no further speaking”. In addition, the Nice prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation, but no one has been taken into custody for the moment.

Roxana Maracineanu ready to reopen the case of “stadium bans”

Guest of BFMTV this Monday morning, the Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu, reacted to the incidents of the day before. “It’s intolerable because the first of the conditions for a match to take place is obviously to ensure the safety of the people on the pitch and that was not made clear yesterday in Nice. I hope that the investigation which will follow, disciplinary or penal, will make it possible to designate the culprits of what happened yesterday and to sanction them as it should be ”, she recalled.

“We need penalties for the club in question, there are sanctions, stadium bans, I am ready to reopen this file if we manage to identify the people in question, who threw projectiles and who invaded the field », She wishes.

OGC Nice in violation of the rules of the LFP, the Civil and Penal Code

For master Thierry Granturco, lawyer in sports law, “it is astonishing that the LFP wanted to continue the match, in the end we end up with a decision really against the grain of what the texts and case law say”. Each match organizer, and in particular professional matches, is responsible for ensuring the safety of spectators and players. It is written in the texts of the LFP, in the Civil and Penal Code. “In football case law, we see that each time there has been this kind of event, the organizing club is considered to be in default and its responsibility is engaged. So Nice will be sanctioned with regard to the rules of the LFP ”, advances Thierry Granturco.

Amiens, for the collapse of a security barrier, had been imposed a financial sanction while Bastia had lost its match against Lyon on the green carpet, with several matches behind closed doors, on neutral ground, and a point withdrawal after the invasion of his land by supporters. OM can also attack OGC Nice on a civil and criminal level, if they consider that their supporters or players have been endangered, with bodily injury.

Sanction OM? “Politically, it would be a mistake”

“In a match where we attack the players, the referees, it’s normal that we react. What are we going to do ? Let the players insult them, let people throw them full bottles of water? It is up to the security forces, the hosting club, and the spectators to be responsible. It’s normal that we react when we are attacked. The sports minister defended the Marseille players on Monday morning, despite being punished on the green carpet, after remaining in the locker room when the League ordered the resumption of the match.

“I wish the LFP good luck. Are they going to sanction Payet for throwing the bottle away? Are some players going to be penalized for the exchanged blows and the pushing? This is not the subject. If the LFP wants to use texts to impose disciplinary sanctions against Marseille and Nice players, it could, believes Thierry Granturco. But politically that would be a mistake. The major mistake was made Sunday night by the LFP, with this desire to continue the match. “For him, if it happened that it came to sanction Marseille players, or the club” the LFP would send a disastrous signal, with dangerous jurisprudence. It is up to the organizing club to ensure security, which was not the case. If we retain from this event that the Marseillais were attacked in the stands and on the ground in Nice and that they are sanctioned, we would be walking on the head. The message sent to football would no longer be readable at all ”.


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