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Lothar Matthäus on Cristiano Ronaldo: “He was the biggest disappointment of the World Cup”

During the last months, more has been said about the interdicts between Cristiano Ronaldo and Erik ten Hag, the player’s break with Manchester United, or the lousy performance during the World Cup, that of his goals.

On this occasion, Lothar Matthäus, a German soccer legend, joined the criticism of the Portuguese star from his column in the Bild newspaper.

“Cristiano has been the biggest disappointment of the World Cup. He hurt himself and Portugal. He was an excellent player, a world-class goalscorer, but now he is destroying his legacy. It is hard for me to imagine him in a club starting in January”, wrote the Teutonic.

The former captain of the German team blamed the former United player for the elimination of Portugal in the quarterfinals at the hands of Morocco, considering that, with his attitude, he eroded the coexistence of the team.

“With his ego, Ronaldo has damaged the team and himself. There is no doubt that he was a great player and an absolute level finisher. But he now he has damaged the legend of him. It’s hard for me to think that he can find a place in a team. Somehow, Ronaldo makes me feel sorry for him ”, he sentenced.

Source: Elcomercio

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