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Neymar slapped a fan: an investigation into the moral persecution of the network is open

His identity was leaked on Twitter. A preliminary investigation into the online moral harassment case was launched on November 18 in Paris following a complaint filed in October by a fan Neymar hit in 2019, the Paris prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday. The investigation has been entrusted to the Personal Offenses Enforcement Brigade (IRBT), according to the same source, confirming a source close to the case.

This Stade Rennes supporter, who ran the restaurant, filed a complaint against fraudulent or unfair collection of personal data and moral harassment, among other things. It was based, among other things, on a Mediapart article according to which Paris Saint-Germain allegedly commissioned the Digital Big Brother (DBB) communications agency to set up fake Twitter accounts between 2018 and 2020 to carry out hostile campaigns against the goals of the capital’s football club. which the latter disputes.

The strategy revolved around the “reference” Paname Squad account, which presents itself on Twitter as a “collective of Paris Saint-Germain enthusiasts”. Among the targets was a Stade Rennes fan who was hit by Neymar after losing to PSG in the 2019 Coupe de France final. Team Paname revealed their identity and year of birth on Twitter.

“Threats” on the street and cyberbullying

“After revealing his identity, he was arrested on the street, the clientele of his restaurant dwindled, people walked in front of his house and threatened him,” the complaint, which also refers to “cyber harassment,” emphasizes.

According to a summary report from the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI) from September, PSG’s director of public relations after the match would have asked Malik Nait-Liman, the club’s then supporter referents and a former DGSI agent, to find information about him. Then Malik Nait-Liman would have asked the still-duty policeman to consult the materials of the criminal case.

Malik Nait-Liman, suspected of playing on his relationship with two other men in order to illegally transfer sensitive and confidential information to third parties, including PSG, was charged on September 29, inter alia, with complicity and concealment of a breach of professional secrecy.

For his gesture, Neymar received a reminder of the law.

Source: Le Parisien

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