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Why is Martín Liberman, the most critical journalist of Messi who idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo, a trend?

Why is Martín Liberman, the most critical journalist of Messi who idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo, a trend?

Why is Martín Liberman, the most critical journalist of Messi who idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo, a trend?

The eye of the storm is the natural habitat of Martin Liberman. Chaotic situations are inherent to him and his work. Every time he expresses criticism, the journalist’s name usually appears in the media… and not in the way he wanted. Every comment of his always arouses attention, so inevitably, multiple questions lurk against him, as harsh as the words he utters. They are, then, the perks of his trade. And he cannot and does not want to prevent it. much less now that Argentine national team he was crowned world champion.

For many years, Liberman has earned thousands of detractors in his country and abroad. His constant questioning of the national team and various characters in this sport have led him to the height of the controversy. And is not for less.

The Argentine journalist has always shown himself as a daring being. He spares no mercy in his words. He thus evidenced it in each sports program in which he was the protagonist. Most of his career was written on Fox Sports, where his views never went unnoticed. Controversy is an inherent part of it.

In fact, in Argentina some “bank” it; many others hate him. It just so happens that some of your criticisms – if not all – have been very ruthless.. Especially the questions against Lionel Messi, idol of many Argentines.

The incessant reproaches to the ’10’ of the Argentine team have motivated Liberman to be considered the greatest “anti-Messi” in his country. His opinions may seem unwarranted many times, but he never kept quiet under any circumstances. Even when the Argentine star left Barcelona, ​​the reproaches were not lacking.

“When he says: he lowered me 50% (of my salary), (in reality) he wanted to charge Barcelona 70 sticks per year for five years, and he was going to play only two… The twine (silver) and the sporting thing was there before. He did not want to give Barcelona a single euro. He wanted twine and in good law, it’s his “he pointed out at the time.

The reason for your current trend

The Argentine journalist had no limits at any time. He has even had confrontations with Lionel’s sister. But he always justified his harsh opinions with the constant failures of the Argentine captain in the national team. Numerous lost finals, disappointments on the field and some gray performances supported, in some way, his negative comments.

But things have changed lately. Messi and the national team pulled the nail on the head not only by winning the 2021 Copa América and the 2022 Finalissima, but now, in addition, they have won the World Cup after 36 long years, a feat that has been recognized by Liberman himself.

Messi. They call me pancake. They were? I have been praising him for 2 years without stopping. He was not the same in this time. Leader, decisive, unstoppable, captain. Impossible to fault. I asked him for more, it was never something personal, that’s why today I recognize that his was memorable. End of subject”he wrote on his official Twitter account.

Unfortunately for him, the Argentine fans neither forget nor forgive him. Liberman, mainly, is on a kind of blacklist of journalists who were “against Messi and the national team”. He is like a public enemy to whom today they dedicate the victories of the ‘Albiceleste’.

As much as he wants to get on the ‘Scalonetta’ boat today and mourn the world consecration of Argentina, it’s too late. In fact, many have been commissioned on social networks to make him a trend and remind him of the most ruthless criticism of him against Messi, or even against Ángel Di María or Lionel Scaloni.

Of Angelito, he said, for example, that it was not going to be “remembered for nothing”. The ’11 ′ Argentine now took charge of entering history with valuable goals in the most important finals of his career. In addition, Scaloni, at first, questioned him for his inexperience and not being up to the national teamnow the same DT managed to return the illusion and joy to his entire country.

Liberman, then, today recognizes both figures, especially Scaloni, whom he even places among the best coaches in the world. However, the fans ask him to at least offer his public apologies, something that the journalist considers that he should not do, since he does not and would not make sense to do so.

CR7 Defender

The idea of ​​”anti-Messi” is reinforced by the great admiration that Liberman has for Cristiano Ronaldo. The ‘Colorado’ has never tired of praising the Portuguese and his achievements, a fact that many of his followers have reproached him for, because he “doesn’t do the same with Messi”.

However, the Argentine journalist ignores what they tell him and remains at the center of the controversy by responding with contempt to his detractors on this specific issue.

Martín Liberman idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo

“I love Argentina and I want them to always win! I shouldn’t have to idolize whoever you want. I have my tastes. I admire Cristiano Ronaldo. What would be the problem? False patriots! Chauvinists!”he once wrote on his Twitter account.

In Qatar 2022, Martín Liberman also took the role of defender of Cristiano as he had done before so many times throughout his career. The Argentine journalist did not hesitate to side with him and call coach Fernando Santos a traitor for having left the Portuguese star on the bench in what was surely his last World Cup.

Be that as it may, what he did with CR7 he never did with Messi, despite the fact that the latter is his compatriot. Liberman, in this sense, has things clear. Although today he praises the ’10 ′ Argentine as he had never done before in his career, his words from his past condemn him and are currently taking their toll on him. In the World Cup celebrations in Argentina, he is a real enemy, who has no way of redeeming himself.

Source: Elcomercio

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