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Czech runner falls to death near Chamonix, race neutralized

A Czech participant in one of the mountain races parallel to the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc died on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday in Savoy. This 35-year-old runner had a fatal fall of several tens of meters on a steep path in the town of Bourg-Saint-Maurice, at Passeur de Pralognan, while he was running on a trail race, the TDS.

This event “on the Traces of the Dukes of Savoy” is one of the mountain foot races organized around Chamonix and which precedes the UTMB, the extreme endurance race which will begin on Friday. Triggered around 12:45 a.m., the first aid workers from the Haute-Montagne Gendarmerie Peloton (PGHM) intervened by helicopter to assist the race rescue teams, who were the first to intervene.

The race was neutralized

The doctor who arrived with the PGHM on the spot tried to continue resuscitation, before noting the death of the Czech trail runner. An investigation by the Alberville prosecutor’s office was opened to determine the causes of the accident. The organization of the race has decided to “neutralize” the event and stop all the runners, she said in a statement released around 5:00 am. The TDS, which started from Courmayeur in Italy on Tuesday at 3:00 p.m., offered a very demanding course of 145 km of paths for 9,100 meters of vertical drop.