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“A decent campaign is to qualify for the Hexagonal”: analysis of the Sub 20 that the South American will face

“A decent campaign is to qualify for the Hexagonal”: analysis of the Sub 20 that the South American will face

“A decent campaign is to qualify for the Hexagonal”: analysis of the Sub 20 that the South American will face

In the midst of uncertainty, Juan Reynoso’s technical command seeks for the national teams to ride the same wave, which is why since last October Jaime Serna took over the direction of the Sub 20 after the departure of Gustavo Roverano, who had assumed the position just in February of this year with a balance of one win, four draws and seven losses in the friendlies they played.

For this reason, shortly after the South American, the risky decision to start over was made. Serna, Reynoso’s assistant in the senior team, took the post to face the South American tournament since then it will be Chemo del Solar who will take charge of this category.

However, Jaime Serna has directed four U-20 games and his record has been three draws and one loss. Until now, they have not tasted victory and although a change has been noticed in the team, it seems that it will not be enough to face countries like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay, the rivals we have in Group A of the South American tournament that delivers four quotas for the U-20 World Cup and three tickets for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

“There has definitely been an improvement, which is always achieved with the measure of competition that it demands and these four friendlies have been a good thermometer before the South American. I think that the group felt an oxygen before the so concentrated criticism that people have had about Roverano “says Gonzalo Santiago, CEO of ‘‘.

vs Uruguayloss 0-1
vs UruguayDraw 2-2
vs ColombiaDraw 1-1
vs ColombiaDraw 0-0

To play

Serna is prioritizing defending better and taking advantage of the speed on the wings with Olaya and Vásquez. Besides, he already has Pineau. Otoya and Goicochea played with Roverano, because Pineau was with the Chilean team”points out Víctor Zaferson, a renowned national scout who monitors the minor divisions. “With Roverano the defense was not solid. Matías Lazo and Arón Sánchez, who have experience in the 1st League, are playing together more times. There is also Villacorta, from UCV. Let’s hope that in the remaining time it can be a more compact 11 and better resolution in attack ”Add.

The youth team today is in its microcycle number 11 with a view to the South American of Colombia and Jaime Serna, from his place, is redoubling his efforts to consolidate the group in record time and thus fight the powers of the continent.

In fact, the only national team that the Peruvian sub-20 team has not faced this year is against Brazil. It has already been measured twice against Argentina (two losses), twice against Paraguay (one draw and one loss) and twice against Colombia (two draws). None could win.

“The pair of central defenders from Lazo with Sánchez have been performing better. Peru lacks game gestation. There have been different names, Vásquez, Robles, Aguirre, but he lacks creation to feed the forwards. I have not seen a difference in Otoya, Goicochea is the one who gives him the most strength, but little strength in attack “tells us William Gil Agurto, of Minute 94, who has followed the friendlies of the Bicolor, and highlights that Peru has improved in the defensive part.

it was chemo

Del Solar will take over after the South American

New era: The doors of La Videna were reopened for Chemo del Solar. The coach was presented as Director of the Technical Unit for Minors of the FPF, from where he must monitor the growth of Sub 15, Sub 17 and Sub 20.

Precisely, in statements to Technical Talk Peru, Chemo assured that he will also assume the position of coach. “Once this process is over, I will be the coach of the Sub 20. I will be Head of the Technical Unit for minors and coach of the Sub 20”.

Among its priorities is the recruitment of talent, especially abroad with a lot of follow-up to Peruvians in Spain, Italy, Argentina and the United States.

It will seek to build a model like the one that governs European football, where the teams are fed by players who were not born in their territory but have a blood link that unites them.

Del Solar will take over after the South American

The figure

Catriel Cabellos is, without a doubt, the main figure of this group. The Racing midfielder has even been the protagonist with the Sub-23 and has even trained with the senior team, so he will give a lot to talk about. The other great figure is Sebastián Pineu, who decided to play for Peru even though he is also considered by the Chilean team.

“There are players with experience in the First Division like Lazo, Sánchez and with international contact like Gonzalo Aguirre, Catriel Cabellos, Otoya and Pineau. Goicochea also stood out in friendlies. Let’s see how it performs in Colombia; It is category 2005, two years younger than the age limit. I believe that there is talent, players with conditions, skilful, what is missing is for them to work together, concentrate and take advantage of the chances they generate. In the South American one can appear clear per game and they have to put it in. Hopefully the attack is fine “Zaferson points out.

“Goicochea makes the difference. Portugal has also offered a lot in the two friendlies against Colombia, but both are far from the ball due to lack of play. Peru rarely arrives”William complements us.

“Today we have to defend. In the South American it will be the same, but yes, we have to improve those things in the defensive aspect “Jaime Serna declared to William Gil after the tie against Colombia, where the defensive line stood out to keep the zero in the arc.

Brazilendrick16 yearsSigned by Real Madrid for 35 million euros
ArgentinaFacundo Buonannote17 yearsSigned by Brighton of England
Paraguayanmatias segovia19 yearsMarket value in one million euros
ColombiaJohn Jader Duran19 yearsHe plays in the MLS and could go to Benfica
PeruCatriel Cabellos18 yearsHe has not yet debuted in Primera de Racing. He already trained with the senior team
ChiliDarío Osorio18 years
Uruguayalvaro rodriguez18 years
Ecuadorpatrickson delgado19 years
VenezuelaTelasco Segovia19 years
bolivianMichael Third18 years
Source: @@ExpressFutbolCL

The integration of Gonzalo Aguirre to the group also means another important plus. The Peruvian-Argentine midfielder from Nueva Chicago in the Argentine Second Division has quickly adapted to our team and will surely be one of the great figures of the coming challenge.

“I found Gonzalo Aguirre very interesting, the boy who comes from Nueva Chicago. I would like to see him in the front row of the midfielder together with Catriel to see what dynamics and intensity he is going to bring to him in the South American ”Gonzalo Santiago emphasizes.

Of the rivals, without a doubt it is a rather complicated group. The local Colombia, the powers Brazil and Argentina, and Paraguay, which has just won the Odesur Games where it thrashed the Bicolor team, are the contenders to beat.

“Colombia is local and although it lacks attack volume, you have players in Europe. High insurance more they have to offer. Brazil arrives with figures like Endrick who has just signed Real Madrid, and there is the Argentina of Mascherano and Paraguay who thrashed us 6-0 with the previous coach ”, William points out.

“It is the most difficult group that has been able to touch us. You see the group and see further the possibility of qualifying for the U-20 World Cup. But let’s also remember that several countries will not be able to count on all their players due to permission issues, surely If they qualify for the final Hexagonal it will be a great achievement for this group. As long as there is the will to fight, there will be hope to win.”

Gonzalo Santiago, specialist in youth soccer

“This is soccer. You never know what can happen. Suddenly Serna has a well-studied plan to defend the zero, look for the counter and take advantage of set pieces. After everything I’ve seen, and with the quality of the rivals, I think a decent campaign is qualifying for Hexagonal, improving on the previous campaign with Ahmed in 2019. After that, anything can happen.”Zaferson sentence.

Source: Elcomercio

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