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A university student went to the TAS for the Alex Valera case with Al Fateh: “They owe us 60% of the pass”

alex valera would be on the verge of disassociating himself from Al Fateh of Saudi Arabia for non-payment. This situation has not only been harming the national striker, but also University of Sportswho has not yet received full payment for his transfer, as revealed Jean-Ferrariadministrator of the merengue group.

“We are already in the TAS for the breach of the terms agreed with Al Fateh. We sent documentation to the club and we had no response, so we went to international bodies,” Ferrari began by saying in a recent interview with RPP. “AL Fateh is owing us 60% of the pass for Alex Valera,” he specified.

“We don’t know if Alex Valera is going to be released or not. I don’t have that information. We have talked about two more possible additions to the squad but they are not about him, ”he added.

On the other hand, Jean Ferrari said that he could not do anything if Alex Valera decides to sign for Alianza Lima or Sporting Cristal. “This is soccer. If Alex Valera would sign for Alianza Lima or Sporting Cristal, I could not blame him for making a professional decision, “he said.

Future of Christian Cueva, uncertain

Although ‘Aladdin’ has a contract with Al Fateh, the national midfielder would also be close to leaving the club due to financial problems.

Source: Elcomercio

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