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“Without Pelé we would not have been able to measure Maradona or Messi”

“Without Pelé we would not have been able to measure Maradona or Messi”

“Without Pelé we would not have been able to measure Maradona or Messi”

Unlike Maradona either Messia Pele we have imagined it more than lived it. We have hardly seen it. Before Youtube appeared, he was the guy with springs in his boots who seemed to be suspended in the air when he beat Albertosi in the final of Mexico 70. He was the owner of the mother-of-pearl smile who could hug Kissinger, laugh with Havelange, take pictures with the Pope, play soccer with Rocky and remember, anywhere in the world, his Peruvian friend, a certain Ramón Mifflin. He was the protagonist of a thousand anecdotes with Pocho Rospigliosi or who told us the history of the World Cups on the 4th, the afternoons before Spain 1982. He made the 10 shirt an icon of talent and ended his career in a country that loved baseball, by side of a Luca Brasi-looking Italian striker named Giorgio Chinaglia.

Peruvian television only opened the doors to soccer in the 1990s. Before, broadcasts were sporadic and generally without notice. The rest had to settle for what the newspapers said and what the radios exaggerated at night.

That’s why there are so many blasphemers, many of them misplaced twenty-somethings, who shamelessly minimize it. “I played with fat cigars”tweeted one of those beardless yellow ID; “He never played in a competitive league”Said another who thinks the world didn’t exist before Google. As if the Brazilian had been one of those characters invented by our grandparents to face us, with more anger than wisdom, that all past times were better.

The greatest proof of his greatness was written by Monkey Navarro Montoya the same Thursday, hours after his departure:

The Brazilian was the mirror that inspired everyone who wanted to transcend the football planet. In it they looked Diego, Mess, johan, theophilus Y zizou. except the Baby Y cruyff, the rest could not see it live. But they wanted to be like him. They wanted to emulate that boy who won a World Cup at 17, that the old journalists said that he knew how to sleep the ball with his chest, handle both legs skillfully and endure a thousand kicks every three days. That he would rise as if he were a basketball player and thrust his forehead in with the force of a hammer.

Youtube has brought some justice and today we can see some glimpses of that infinite awesomeness. Without Pele there would have been no way to measure the intelligence of Maradona or the greatness of Messi. It was the first. That’s why there will be no one like him.

Source: Elcomercio

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