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Jean Ferrari, the Valera case and the controversial decisions of his management as administrator of the ‘U’

In August 2021, Jean took over as administrator of the ‘U’ after passing a selection process carried out by Sunat. He took the reins of instruction at a difficult time. In 2020, the meringues had lost the League 1 final with Cristal and had gone almost eight years without national titles. The objective, beyond putting the accounts in blue, was none other than champion.

However, along this path, the ex-soccer player made some mistakes that have been undermining his management and detracting from the good that has been done, such as taking the first step to have the High Performance Centerin addition to the economic aspect that has been improving.

The mistakes of Jean Ferrari

“Al Fateh owes us 60% of Alex Valera’s pass”, affirmed Ferrari when it was learned that the Peruvian striker -as well as Christian Cueva- were released due to the debts that the Arab club has with them. The cream leader added fuel to the fire by reporting that the Middle East institution also owes them money and therefore they will go to the TAS.

“We are already in the TAS for the breach of the terms agreed with Al Fateh. We sent documentation to the club and we had no response, so we went to international bodies”he added.

Despite the fact that the Arab club released a statement on Tuesday indicating that the footballers lie and are not owed anything, the ‘U’ have been affected by the transaction. According to Ferrari, Al Fateh owes 60% of his pass. That is to say, of the 1.3 million euros for which his signing was closed, the Arabs owe close to 780 thousand euros.

However, when Valera decided to leave the merengue institution to live his first experience abroad, the cream leadership pointed out that the first payment that Al Fateh was going to make was 50%, then they were going to pay the rest in two months (September and October). It seems that it was not complied with from the beginning and in the cream store they did not do much to assert their rights.

Another moment to forget was when Ferrari He also had to assume the position of sports manager, a measure to save expenses during 2021. Although the former midfielder had experience as a sports manager in Ate, in 2019 until mid-2020 he was in that position, nothing compares to the fact of having to ensure at the same time for sporting and administrative interests.

The ‘U’ did not have a sports manager and Ferrari took over, but at one point they decided to look for another person, since they did not have time for both positions. “The sports area gives me an amount of time that today, for me, is difficult to meet. We need someone who is fully dedicated to it”he pointed out at the time.

In those days when the team was doing poorly in football, Jean did not hesitate to indirectly blame the technical command, clarifying that despite being the sports manager he had nothing to do with the assembly of the squad he formed Gregory Perez and his technical command.

already when Manuel Barreto assumed the sports functions, the ‘U’ had had five coaches and none could give him a light of hope: Gregorio Pérez, Álvaro Gutiérrez, Barreto himself, Juan Pajuelo and Jorge Araujo. Today the football project is in the hands of Carlos Compagnucci.

Another negative aspect has been the signings this season, since many of them have not had the expected performance; such is the case that several have already been assigned or released. Angel Cayetano He was announced as a reinforcement for the 2022 season, but in July he left the team after failing to convince the institution; the same as Roberto Villamarinwho terminated his contract with the ‘U’ and went to Mannucci.

In case of Claudio Jacob was the worst. The midfielder was requested by Compagnucci, but he barely played 217 minutes in 8 games. He never managed to convince the swollen cream and left without pain or glory, terminating his contract.

Another moment to forget was when he referred to the budget of Alianza Lima, the ‘compadre’, when they asked him about transfers. “We do not have the Alianza wallet”he excused himself after another year without titles and in the same season in which the blue and whites were two-time champions.

Source: Elcomercio

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