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PMU – Arrival of the five of Saturday 7 January in Paris-Vincennes: he and I persist and sign

Arrival of the fifth : 9 – 10 – 15 – 12 – 2

Already a winner on the 2850 m distance of the big piste Vincennes, He and I (#9, our last minute at 0.892.683.675) was again the strongest. In the race, the pace of which only accelerated as it approached the descent, the son Bird Parker was compensated by Frank Nivar only in the middle of the climb. In the last corner, he rose to the height of the leaders before heading for easy success. “He is an excellent horse,” savored the smiling Michel Lenoir. He just won by walking barefoot because it was cold. This time he was barefoot to be equal. It’s nice to see him at his best, because we had problems with him. »

With two races in my legs after almost a year away, Happy Pasha (No. 10) shows his best side. The author of a beautiful straight line, he is ahead Hidalgo Nov (No. 15), which also proves that he recovered all his funds. often to blame orchestra (No. 12) this time showed diligence and failed at the foot of the pedestal, and Ultimate Developers (No. 2), one of the least rich in the lot, completes a good combination of fifth ahead Hurella (No. 13), marked by her strong climbing efforts before she leveled off at the finish line.

Kevin Romain pointed to a triple order that topped the €1,000 mark for €1.

Source: Le Parisien

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