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Uno x Uno de la Noche Crema: an “improved version” but with a Herrera “lack of football” | ANALYSIS

This Saturday at the Monumental the Night Cream 2023, the first communion between the team and the fans. The renewal of vows. On the pitch, Compagnucci’s team drew 0-0 against Aucas; In the stands, the fans emerged victorious again: a full house for an incredible, unbeatable show.

But beyond the beautiful memory of an unforgettable night, what will always matter to the fan is what happens on the pitch. That first impression of a renewed team. The creams let eleven players go and were reinforced with 12, which could be 14 if the arrivals of Yuriel Celi Y alex valera.

The project is in the hands of Carlos Compagnuccithat unlike his arrival in the middle of last year, now he did put together his team and did not manage with what he had, and the objective is clear: to achieve the 27th star. For this reason, Deporte Total turned to four journalists who analyzed the presentation of the ‘U’ against Aucas in a goalless draw.

game idea

The main thing in a presentation match is to see the idea of ​​a team’s game. Or at least that the work done during the week is distinguished, beyond the inaccuracies that may exist when leaving a preseason. Did Compagnucci’s ‘U’ make it?

“Little by little the players are understanding what the coach wants. Obviously with the passing of the games the team will be seen better, In addition, the reinforcements have adapted very well and that is important for the debut against Cienciano”points Carlos Arrunateguijournalist who follows the day to day of the meringues.

“Yes, Compagnucci’s game idea is beginning to be seen. analyze Andrea Velajournalist for Movistar Sports.

For this year, the ‘U’ only maintains José Carvallo, the owner of the arc; Nelson Cabanillas, Jorge murrugarra, Piero Quispe Y Andy Pole. They are more or less the base left by 2022. Then there are new faces like the pair of central defenders: Marco Saravia and Matias di Benedetto. “With them, the team gains a better defense. I think what the coach is looking for is to defend well and then attack.”Add Joseph FajardoLatina press man.

Di Benedetto has surprised the fan. Arriving from Central Córdoba, the defender was unknown to the fans. But his performance against Aucas and against Vallejo in ‘Noche Poeta’ has been one of the best. Solvent when it comes to defending, leader to order and safe to pass the ball.

more variants

Rodrigo Urena, brand new contract from Colombian soccer, was not in the Ecuadorians. But his place was taken by Jorge Murrugarra, the ‘6’ who finished well in 2022 and wants to fight for the position. This undoubtedly speaks of the variants that this University year has, unlike the previous season in which there was only one per position.

“Jorge Murrugarra was the best of the night for me. Impeccable in the recovery and precise in the passes, very good level “says Vela. “The best were Calcaterra and Murrugarra. adds Fajardo.

“Unlike last year, this time the ‘U’ has more variants, especially in the midfield. In the Cream Night they started Murrugarra, Calcaterra, Quispe and Pérez Guedes It was a kind of false winger that was thrown towards the middle ”, analyzes the journalist William Gil.

A midfield populated with players with a good footing, added to attackers with speed like Luis Urruti and Andy Polo, in addition to names up front like Emanuel Herrera or José Rivera, who had a great game and is noted as a variant that will be widely used. The coach will have to choose in each game depending on the rival. Even more if they arrive Celi Y Valera.

In defense the panorama is the same. Aldo Corzo is injured and his right-back position was well covered by Hugo Ancajima. On the other band, cabanillas It continues to show that it is at a high level, but for its competition it is Jose Bolivar good 2022 with Sport Boys. And in the central rear, Piero Guzman It is behind the Saravia Y Di Benedetto.

Herrera in debt, Polo the most destabilizing

The ‘U’ showed a new face, an improved version. But he missed the goal. ripped jose rivera although it did not go beyond hints. And in the second half he entered Emmanuel Herrera, who was botched by some fans at the time of his presentation. The 35-year-old Argentinian striker will take responsibility for the goal this year, although he has shown very little in friendlies.

“He lacks football, I think he is at 60% of his pace. it costs a lot. But it also has to do with the team’s game. In Cristal he was more defining, stuck in the area. Now he has to take longer runs, throw himself to the sides, receive on his back. Let’s see how it fits together.”Gil points out. “It will end up picking up pace and it will be important”predicts Fajardo.

Among the names that stood out the most in the Cream Night, Andy Pole takes the cake. “With preseason you can tell that he is another”indicates Arrunategui. “His runs and overflows on the right wing are going to be important”adds Vela.

For the ‘U’ there is no margin of error. Next year will be the Centenary and, beyond the pressure that this means, there is no other objective than to become national champions.

Source: Elcomercio

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