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What would happen if the eight clubs do not show up to play in League 1?

This Monday through a press conference, Alianza Lima, Universitario, Cienciano, Binacional, Sport Boys, Municipal, Cusco FC and Melgar announced that they will not be part of the start of League 1, until the precautionary measure is lifted in favor of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) on TV rights. Given this, many wonder what will happen if the teams do not show up for their matches. Find out the answer below.

Any team that does not comply with the schedule and refuses to play will lose by walkover and runs the risk of losing the category in case of repeating the offense, the regulations indicate.

This is indicated in article 116 of the Regulations of the championship of the highest category of Peruvian football, dedicated to the “recidivism of non-presentation or abandonment” of a team.

“If a club fails to comply with the schedule by omitting to show up to play on two dates, be they consecutive or alternate, it will automatically be relegated to the immediate lower category, it will lose its remaining matches and the corresponding points by walkover (WO), awarding itself the score of three (3) to zero (0) in favor of its rivals and receives the sanction in accordance with Article °174 – “Fines”, depending on the different cases provided for in the preceding articles. In this case, the validity and effect of the results obtained in the matches that he played previously is maintained, ”says the Regulation.

Source: Elcomercio

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