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“There was too much doping” … Dino Baggio worries about his generation after the death of Gianluca Vialli

Nearly two weeks after Gianluca Vialli’s death, Dino Baggio pointed to doping as a possible explanation for the death of his former teammate suffering from pancreatic cancer. After playing 60 matches for Squadra Azzurra in the 90s, Baggio explained the methods used by Italian clubs at the time.

“We have to go back to what we have been taking, we have to do some research on the substances taken during these periods,” he said into the microphone of the Italian TV channel Tv7. I don’t know if this is related to this, but doping has always been there. »

Vialli’s Juventus partner Baggio also played with Sinisa Mihajlovic at Lazio Rome. The former Bologna manager died in December 2022 from leukemia. “We never took strange things because there was a percentage that had to be respected. But over time, you have to see if certain substances are good, whether they can be removed or remain inside the body, ”added the former Parma midfielder.

The 51-year-old retiree is now worried about his health, as well as the health of his teammates and opponents who played in the Italian league. “Many people have already talked about the grass in the fields and the products that they used that could cause problems … I also fear for myself, it happens to too many players. At my age, there was too much doping. »

Source: Le Parisien

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