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How many years in prison could Dani Alves receive if he is found guilty of sexual assault?

This Friday, the Police of Catañula, Barcelona, ​​arrested Daniel Alvescurrent player of UNAM Cougarsfor the complaint of sexual assault that he has against him by a woman who accuses him of improper touching under his underwear at a local nightclub at the end of last year.

The Brazilian, taking advantage of his stay in Barcelona due to the death of his mother-in-law, voluntarily answered the questions of the Police about this case that is under investigation. Subsequently, he was transferred to court number 15 for a judge to decide his future.

How many years in prison could Dani Alves receive if he is found guilty?

If found guilty, Dani Alves could face a maximum sentence of up to 12 years in prison for the crime of assault or sexual abuse.

Complaint against Dani Alves

The process began with a complaint filed by a young woman who claimed to have been attacked by Alves at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona during a party on the night of December 30-31.

In her lawsuit, the alleged victim claims that the player touched her without consent under her underwear.

The young woman, accompanied by her friends, reported the events to the nightclub’s security personnel, who activated the corresponding protocol and notified the police, according to local agencies.

Catalan Police agents went to the scene to take a statement from the woman, who three days later, on January 2, filed a complaint for sexual assault.

The Prosecutor’s Office, to which is added the private accusation of the alleged victim, requested that the former FC Barcelona player be remanded into pretrial detention without bail.

With information from BBC News

Source: Elcomercio

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