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Crisis in FFR: Bernard Laporte resigns

The pressure was too great. Bernard Laporte has resigned as President of the French Rugby Federation. He communicated his decision, taken on Thursday evening after a meeting of the federal agency, his direct protection, to the steering committee this Friday morning. Sports Minister Amélie Oueda-Castera opened the meeting at 9 am to decide on further action in connection with the refusal of Bernard Laporte and his team in the elections.

The results of the referendum, released on Thursday at noon, turned out to be unfavorable for the current government. The 1,500 clubs eligible to vote said “no” with 51.06% of the vote to the appointment of Vice-President Patrick Buisson as Deputy President to replace Bernard Laporte, who was removed from office after being convicted in the first instance of corruption and abuse by a Paris court influence. December 13 (he immediately applied). And this is with 90.46% participation. This prompted the opposition, led by Florian Grill, President of the League of Île-de-France, to demand the resignation of the steering committee and a general election within six weeks. But after the resignation of Bernard Laporte, an interim president should be appointed before the elections next June.

Source: Le Parisien

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