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Yuriel Celi: the story behind the project that the ‘U’ has with the footballer until the Centenary

A few days ago it happened. Yuriel Celi It was bought by an investment group that placed it in Hull City in England and after solving the correct documentation, signing the documents and that everything is in order, signed two years of loan with academic, perhaps, the club with which his sacrificial game is most identified. The plan with him is here.

First, they got to know the VIDU fields. Then the new CAR, the high performance center of academic there in Lurin. Finally, a brief chat with the coach, Carlos Compagnucci. Yuriel Celi and Jean Ferrari spent the entire morning of last Wednesday in Campo Mar, the Merengue beach fort, in a sort of induction for the midfielder into the world of the ‘U’. “He was delighted. We introduced him to the whole club and he was delighted. Now it’s only his turn to break it.”, says Ferrari, the current administrator of the club, in a brief chat with DT. The sports area, aware of the possibility, asked to speed up the negotiation. And that’s it, it was done.

What’s the plan with Celi? In principle, to be able to have it until the Centenary -2024-, in an ambitious project in which 80% of the reinforcements signed for the season are involved. Valera, for example. Calcaterra, for example. Then, that the performances of Celi in Compagnucci’s team they can return him to the national team, where he was already in November of last year, in a friendly with Bolivia. For the team’s technical command, led by Juan Reynoso, it is important that Celi play in a club of strength, with international competition and the rigors that demand the pending sports debts of the ‘OR’: ten years without champion.

In the negotiation with Hull City, finally, there is an agreement: if Celi He does everything right, wins the position, and goes through his pace with the club with height, he will be quickly put in a showcase that allows future negotiations. For it, the ‘U’ participates in 15% of any future transfer of the left-handed attackerthat now, at the age of 20, he has a great opportunity to stop being a promise.

Players like him, brave, with an appetite, sacrificed, earn a place in the ‘U’ that transcends Sundays. I hope you know.

Source: Elcomercio