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Annika Schleu will not be sanctioned for her behavior towards Saint Boy


Continuation (and not quite the end) of the turmoil linked to the “Saint Boy affair”. After examining the images, the disciplinary commission of the International Federation of Modern Pentathlon (UIPM) decided on Monday not to sanction Annika Schleu, accused of “cruelty to animals” after giving many blows to her horse, which multiplied the refusal to jump during the Tokyo Olympics.

“It was determined that the use of the riding crop or the spurs was not excessive and although the situation was certainly distressing for the rider and the horse, the committee concluded that there was no question of good. – to be animal to solve and that no sanction would be taken ”, indicated the commission. The pentathlete, however, remains the subject of a complaint from the German Association for the Protection of Animals.

In Tokyo, Annika Schleu, then at the head of the modern pentathlon, had had all the trouble in the world to control Saint Boy, who had been assigned to her by lot as required by the rules. In tears, she had given many blows to the equine. His trainer Kim Raisner was then excluded from the Olympics for hitting the horse.

Moreover, the latter was pinned down by the disciplinary committee. “The Panel found that Kim Raisner had broken UIPM competition rules by hitting a horse and encouraging his athlete to do the same,” the statement wrote. His behavior (…), shocking for everyone, cannot go unpunished. “

A reform of the riding test for 2022

The coach will have to participate in a training seminar focused on the treatment of animals, and is under the threat of a suspension of her authorization to train in competition if she were to reproduce this kind of behavior.

A few days after the end of the Olympics, the UIPM announced its desire to change the course of its equestrian event. This reform, which will be presented at the next congress of the Federation at the end of November, foresees from 2022 a test “with fewer obstacles and lower and simpler obstacles”. On the other hand, the principle of the drawing of lots for horses, a feature of modern pentathlon, is not called into question.



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