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Wilmar Valencia after suspension of Binacional vs. Cristal: “We are killing football”

Binational Sports vs. Sporting Cristal It was going to be the party that will open the date 6 of the League 1 2023; However, the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) It was suspended because it was not going to be allowed to be broadcast on the Liga 1 Max signal, from Directv Sports.

Along these lines, and after learning of the FPF’s decision, the Deportivo Binacional squad, led by Wilmar Valencia, raised its voice in protest at what has been happening in Peruvian soccer with this legal dispute over TV rights.

“Since the afternoon we received the news of the postponement of the game, the truth is that we feel disagreement. The boys are upset because we have been developing a plan for several days. We have been here in Cusco since Tuesday, after our match in Lima with Municipal, and today this is happening… The truth is that we see it as a lack of respect and so do the players”, the current coach began by saying. of the ‘Powerful of the South’ in Gol Peru.

“Where is the fair play that the FPF talks about, the respect for the players, the coaching staff, the work we do, the investment the club makes to give us the best conditions and on the eve of the game they give us this news. The truth is that I have spoken with many friends and sometimes I think that we are killing football, and I believe that the most valuable thing in this are the players. Respect is being lost, ”he sentenced.

More suspensions on date 6

The comparisons between FBC Melgar vs. Sport Boys and Alianza Lima vs. César Vallejo were suspended for the same reason.

Source: Elcomercio

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