SportsReview of the transfer window, the Olivier Létang style...

Review of the transfer window, the Olivier Létang style and the return of training to Losc


Second issue of the season of 100% Lille, the podcast entirely devoted to news from Losc. Our four specialists from the northern club take stock of the transfer window of the northern club which will have sold a lot (16 players) and bought little (3 recruits).

We will also talk about the Olivier Létang style, a president in office since last December and who is gradually making his mark within Losc. Finally, in the third part of the podcast, we will come back to the return to the heart of the Lille training project, abandoned during the Lopez era.

Every Monday afternoon

The concept of this 100% Lille podcast? Four Lille sports journalists (The voice of the North, 20 Minutes and Wéo) behind a microphone to discuss the news of Losc. An audio program offered from every Monday afternoon on the website of 20 Minutes and the various podcast hosting platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcast, Deezer, etc.). And a TV broadcast on the Wéo channel on Monday (4 p.m., 11 p.m.) and Wednesday.



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