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Women’s League 2023: secrets, figures and favorites of a tournament that fills stadiums just like men

Women’s League 2023: secrets, figures and favorites of a tournament that fills stadiums just like men

Women’s League 2023: secrets, figures and favorites of a tournament that fills stadiums just like men

The full Matute this Thursday is a message to the heart: Women’s soccer has taken on a greater role among the fans, not only among women, but among fans in general. It generates expectation, box office, benefits from TV broadcasts. Although it is not yet 100 percent professional and in some cases it is still amateur, each year its followers increase and with this, the cliché that soccer is only for men is leaving, but women can also play and boy is it They do it in a great way, as they demonstrate their skill with the ball. “Alianza Lima -says Vanessa Herrera, a journalist for Movistar Deportes-, is the team that has the most professionalized female branch. Invest and bet on it and that is reflected in the two-time championship. This year, they decided to bet on an experienced coach like Jhon Ortiz, who has managed to reach the semifinals of a Copa Libertadores with Deportivo Cali. In addition, he must have among his ranks the most experienced soccer players in the tournament ”. That brief description speaks of how women’s football is faced today – at least in the two-time champion.

The 2023 Women’s Soccer League starts in a few days. We will see again the figures Adriana Lúcar, Myriam Tristán, Fabiola Herrera, Stephanie Lacoste, Cindy Novoa, Rocío Fernández among other soccer players, who are an example for girls who are excited about a future in this discipline called soccer. Here, five answers about the start of the championship.

-When does the tournament start and how will it be played?

It will start in April and end in September. In this way, the champion team would have less than a month to prepare for the next edition of the Copa Libertadores, scheduled to take place from October 5 to 21 in Colombia. The format of the 2023 Women’s League will be the regular phase and play offs.

regular phase. It will take place from March to June. In the first stage, the 14 teams will play all against all in a single wheel. Those who occupy the first six positions in the standings will qualify for the championship playoffs (hexagonal). The eight teams that are located from 7th to 14th place will fall in the relegation playoffs.

Playoffs. It will be played from July to September.

Championship play-offs: the first four places in the hexagonal -which will be played on a single wheel- will play round-trip semifinals. The winners will play the final in home and away matches.

Relegation play-offs: the eight teams will split into two home runs. The last of each home run will lose the category.

The squads of the teams that participate in the 2023 Women’s League may have a maximum of 25 players over 21 years of age. In the case of national Sub 21s, there is no limit. Likewise, those that make up this last group, will add to the required Bag of Minutes: 1170 minutes in the regular phase. Of course, they will be able to add a maximum of three players per game to the Stock Exchange.

As for foreign soccer players, the Peruvian Soccer Federation will allow the registration of four. All will be able to play simultaneously without any type of restriction.

-Who will broadcast the tournament?

The Peruvian Women’s League this season will be broadcast by Nativa, as mentioned by the aforementioned medium on Wednesday, March 8. Likewise, Direct TV also confirmed that it will broadcast the tournament to the delight of its subscribers.

The draw for the fixture for this 2023 season was held in La Videna and from the first date there is already a heart attack match. Sporting Cristal will collide with Universitario de Deportes, in a duel that promises a good game, a fight in the midfield and a good setting for the public. Likewise, the current two-time champion Alianza Lima will play against Universidad San Martín in Matute and will hope to repeat the public frame that he put into the so-called ‘Blanquiazul Women’s Night’ on March 15. Below we detail the first date.

First date

  • Sporting Cristal vs. University of Sports
  • Lima Alliance vs. San Martin
  • FC Killas vs. cantolao
  • Sport Victoria vs. C.A. Mannucci
  • UCV vs. FBC Melgar
  • A. Trujillo vs. Ayacucho FC
  • Municipal Sports vs. defenders

Which teams are participating in the 2023 season?

For the 2023 season, there are 14 teams that will fight to win the 2023 Peruvian Women’s League title: 11 of them remained from the 2022 season and the remaining three come from promotion.

FBC Melgar (Arequipa) and Defensores del Ilucán (Cajamarca) achieved direct promotion after being champion and runner-up of the Copa Perú 2022, respectively.

For its part, the third club promoted in the highest category of women’s soccer in Peru is Sporting Victoria. The Loreto team got their pass after beating UTC (12th place in the 2022 Women’s League) in a revalidation match, which was heart-stopping.

Likewise, the teams that said goodbye to the first division were Sport Boys and UTC.

We present you the 14 participating teams of the Peruvian Women’s League 2023.

  • Cantolao Academy (Lima)
  • Alliance Lima (Lima)
  • Athletic Trujillo (La Libertad)
  • Ayacucho FC (Ayacucho)
  • Carlos A. Mannucci (La Libertad)
  • Defenders of Ilucan (Cajamarca)
  • Municipal Sports (Lima)
  • FC Killas (Lima)
  • FBC Melgar (Arequipa)
  • San Martin (Lima)
  • Sporting Cristal (Lime)
  • Sporting Victory (Loreto)
  • Sports University (Lima)
  • César Vallejo University (La Libertad)

Who are the best players to watch in the 2023 Women’s League?

Club by club, and after conducting a brief survey among five journalists from the media, this is the list:

  • Adriana Lúcar – Alianza Lima
  • Stephenie Lacoste – University
  • Alondra Vilchez- Sporting Cristal
  • Ana Iraha – USMP
  • Rocío Fernández- Municipal
  • Karla Reimi – Cantolao
  • Yaneth Huayhua – Ayacucho
  • Kely Peralta – Killas
  • Brinda Ruiz – Atletico Trujillo
  • Blanca Medina – Sporting Victory
  • Ana Alva – Carlos A. Mannucci

Why is the JC Sport Girls so important in the history of women’s soccer in Peru?

It was reported by Mafe Lovatón, a journalist from Deporte Total, in this note. There he told, for example, that in 2003 a group of soccer-loving friends founded JC Sport Girlshoping to have a safe space to practice the sport they loved so much. “We wanted to break with the prejudices that existed at that time. Before it was very difficult to practice this sport because you were the victim of ridicule ”, a few years ago Muela Rodríguez, sports manager of the team for El Comercio. And so the club grew little by little. What started as a space for weekends soon became something much more serious thanks to the great reception it received. JC Sport Girls was champion of the official women’s soccer championship in 2004 and 2006. From there they took the title of the metropolitan championship in 2010 and 2012. Finally, they have four national championship titles that he won in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2017. All this before the current format that we have seen in the last two years. And how to forget his participation in the 2018 Copa Libertadores representing the country.

Who are the big favorites for the title?

Alianza Lima is a clear favorite. For Camila Zapata, journalist and promoter of women’s soccer via DirecTV Sports, the 2023 tournament can be defined as follows: “Alianza Lima, looking for its three-time championship and for having strengthened itself in the technical command. And University because he is always a candidate because of his history. And I think that Sporting Cristal, Deportivo Municipal and Carlos A. Mannucci are going to fight. I expect a good participation from the provincial teams like Sporting Victoria and Defensores de Llucan. Grace Nole Alcántara, who covers for Infobae, says: “Alianza Lima is a team that has maintained its backbone. One of their strengths is the attack as Sandy Dorador and Adriana Lúcar have effectiveness on their feet. Sandy could not be in the Copa Libertadores due to injury, but he will undoubtedly be a key player in the 2023 edition. In addition, the ‘blue and whites’ have strengthened themselves in the best way, among them are the former Sporting Cristal: the midfielder Allison Azabache and the goalkeeper Fiorella Valverde. The intimate club gives them all the support and that motivates them to continue reaping titles. They have everything to continue making history”. By your side, Denise Paola Vera Cóndor, from Women’s Soccer for All, explains: “In the women’s category, Alianza Lima is expected to win the championship, but we should not be closed to one of the surprise provincial teams like last year, as Carlos A. Mannucci did”

The only thing left is for the tournament to start.

Source: Elcomercio

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