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Tiago Nunes, DT of Cristal, is expelled after exchanging words with a player from Atlético Grau

Sporting Cristal beat Atlético Grau, this afternoon, 2-1 at the Alberto Gallardo stadium, for matchday 9 of League 1. However, the news that stood out the most was the strong discussion that broke out as a result of the expulsion of nilson loyola.

The ‘celestial’ winger was sent off for accumulating yellow cards. Fernando Márquez, striker for the Piura team, angrily complained to referee Hilbert Villegas and he did not hesitate to show him the red card.

On his way out of the field of play, Márquez addressed the ‘rimense’ technical command, specifically Tiago Nunes, to rebuke them for the play. The technician gave him a clear signal to think about his behavior.

The judge did not like the strategist’s attitude at all and took the red card from him. Finally, a Grau assistant also had to leave the pitch due to expulsion.

Source: Elcomercio

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