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“With Lyon, it’s a love story”… Karim Benzema received a mad welcome at Parc OL


At Parc OL,

Even at the height of their art, Michel Platini and Zinédine Zidane have they lived once in their career an evening where a whole stadium had eyes only for them, in the middle of an official match of the Blues? From his warm-up, Tuesday evening before France-Finland (2-0), Karim Benzema could feel how the vast majority of the 57,057 spectators present at the Parc OL had especially come to celebrate the return of the former Lyon phenomenon, 12 years old. after his transfer to Real Madrid.

It must be said that in the spans of the Décines stadium, armored as never since March 2020, the “Benz” jerseys were everywhere, whether it was the fluorescent yellow of OL 2008-2009 or that of the France team for the Euro flocked with the number 19. A banner des Bad Gones also announced the color: “Benzema, welcome home”.

A contagious thrill in the stands at each silky delivery

This “wonderful public”, according to Didier Deschamps, therefore shouted at the top of their lungs the name of his idol during the presentation of the teams. At the heart of this crazy evening “Benzemania”, we almost forgot that a current OL player, Léo Dubois, was also the holder against Finland, and even much more inspired than with his club. Each technical gesture and silky delivery of the Madrilenian was greeted by a contagious thrill in the stands of the “formidable tool”.

For 97 minutes, even in the middle of “ola”, it is as if the entire OL Park was constantly in the starting blocks, focused on a single objective: to leap so as not to miss THE goal of the eternal gone, making the world shine. Lyon training on the roof of Europe. If this apotheosis has not arrived, it is more linked to altruism and to the sense of the absolute game of “KB9” than to a lack of realism, despite two occasions making Lukas Hradecky (22nd, 86th) the breaker. atmosphere of the day.

“It’s one of my most beautiful emotions tonight”

For the rest, the Brondillant was decisive at the start of the two goals of his friend Antoine Griezmann (25th, 53rd), excelling by his deviations and his vivacity. Among the funny scenes of this match, we will remember the series of stoppages at the start of the second period, systematically exploited by the north turn to launch “Karim, Karim, Karim”. The Real goalscorer was keen to salute all these attentions, with applause in the middle of a match, but also by a solo lap of honor, each time against his partners, as if to seize a little better of these moments so privileged in a career.

At the microphone of TF1, the person did not hide his pleasure: “It’s wonderful, it’s one of my most beautiful emotions tonight. I expected it because me and Lyon, it’s a love story. I am very happy and very proud, thank you to the supporters ”. They don’t expect much in return. Oh yes, the dream of a two-season lease at Parc OL, beyond this enchanted summer evening that looks like a teaser.



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