SportsSeats at the Vélodrome stadium sold by Maison Transversale...

Seats at the Vélodrome stadium sold by Maison Transversale to “transmit a piece of history”


“187 skylights, 23 boxes, 11 classicos, now on 4 feet”. A tempting eye-catcher, a unique product. The Olympique de Marseille and Orange are offering real Vélodrome stadium seats, reworked by a blacksmith, to become a unique object on four legs, numbered and marked with a plaque of authenticity. “Orange and OM have the objective of reviving, sharing and transmitting a piece of the club’s history,” the statement explains. The 100 chairs offered are on sale at a price of 300 euros per seat, on the Maison Transversale site, with which OM has established a partnership.

“It’s a boutique and an art gallery around sport in which we offer books, textiles, but also posters. They are made by local artists, the textiles, on the basis of resale but also of our own creations, are printed in France and we complete our bookstore department with suggestions from customers ”, explain Alex and Fabrice, who founded Maison Transversal in summer 2019.

“Art with a sport theme”

After a first online art gallery that offered illustrations and photos of all kinds, the two friends were fed up with virtual relationships, and the desire for a shop to meet customers was felt. “The idea of ​​doing something around art with a sports theme came quite naturally,” says Alex.

And the emulation around this store was quickly felt. “We have local artists who came by unexpectedly to discuss with us, suggest projects and collaborations. Sometimes we are the ones who canvass it. We are a bit at the crossroads between art and sport and artists find interest there, ”continues Fabrice.

To the point of forging a first partnership with Olympique de Marseille for the creation of a poster for each home match, always with a local artist. “We had exhibited the photos of Lionel Briot, a photographer who had followed OM supporters in the years 1990-2000. People from OM came to see the exhibition and also saw the posters we had created for Christmas. They wanted to combine OM with an artistic side in the city, ”says Alex.

Social reach

Maison Transversale should even be able to market them very soon at the Vélodrome stadium every match night. “It’s a nice memory and especially OM is committed to Marseille artists, in short circuits”, relish Alex and Fabrice. In addition to these posters around great sporting achievements such as the head of Basile Boli in the Champions League final with OM or Trezeguet’s goal at Euro 2000, also available on textiles, you will find the best sports books, as well as articles related to basketball and tennis.

Alex and Fabrice, at the origin of Maison Transversale. – Adrien Max / 20 Minutes

The sale of these unique seats is therefore the second partnership established with the Olympian club. This time has a social impact, since all the profits from this operation will be donated to OV School, a learning holiday program for young people set up by Orange, Synergie and OM Fondation.



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