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Sub 17 World Cup in Lima: What progress is there in the FPF before FIFA and how has the youth team taken it?

Hot day in La Videna. They know that they have to move quickly, and we are not only referring to the indications that Pablo Zegarra gives to his managers in the Under 17 National Team, but also to the work that has to be done in the offices so that the Under 17 World Cup is held in the Peru.

As is known, last Wednesday it was made public that Peru could lose the World Cup venue because the government is going to allocate the event’s budget to the reconstruction of the areas affected by the rains.

In a quick move, the FPF communicated with the government authorities so that the World Cup is held in stadiums in Lima and Callao, without harming the work that is planned to be done in cities like Chiclayo and Piura.

the works

Total Sport was able to learn that on Wednesday night, the Ministry of Education signed the guarantee letter from the government for it to be carried out as suggested by the FPF: The headquarters would only be in Lima and Callao.

The stadiums that are in mind are the National Stadium, the San Marcos venue, the Alberto Gallardo. What El Comercio knows is that the main works to be carried out are to improve the fields of San Marcos and Miguel Grau, to raise them to the FIFA Quality category to receive the World Cup.

The letter signed by the Peruvian government is already in the hands of FIFA and it will be the highest soccer body that decides whether to approve the plan to have Lima and Callao as venues, since it is not only stadiums, but venues of training, transport capacity and even hotels.

Until today there has been no official statement from FIFA. What we have been able to learn is that, in a few days, perhaps next week, there will be an official visit from FIFA to analyze what is happening.

The team

The team has been training under Pablo Zegarra for the South American Championship that begins next week in Ecuador. The Peruvian team will play the first phase in Guayaquil. It is in group B along with Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela and Bolivia. The first three of each group advance to the final hexagonal where the World Cup qualifiers are defined.

Peru vs. bolivianMarch 31st4:30 pm
rest date 2
Peru vs. ParaguayanApril 47:00 p.m.
Peru vs. Argentina6 of April7:00 p.m.
Peru vs. VenezuelaApril 87:00 p.m.

This Thursday, Pablo Zegarra spoke to the press and assured that they work with the South American in mind, although he acknowledges that the news that the World Cup will not be played in Peru does distract his players.

“We all have the illusion. The boys are the most interested because they are the ones who are going to participate. They have to forget about that, because one of the messages that we give them is that they have to take advantage of today, and today the closest thing is the South American game”, declared Pablo Zegarra.

About the environment, what we could know is that the technical command is ‘taking care’ of the young players. It would have been decided not to expose them to the press so that they do not have the responsibility of giving explanations for issues that do not correspond to them.

A lot of work is being done on the issues of exposure of young people both at the press level and at the level of social networks so that they can concentrate on the work they have to do as national teams.

The bicolor will travel this Tuesday to Guayaquil for the South American and there will be two players of Peruvian descent who come from Germany on the squad. Felipe Chávez Fischer (Bayern) and Phillipp Eisele (Frankfurt) will be in the South American tournament.

Source: Elcomercio

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