SportsTebas still tackles Paris Saint-Germain, the LFP is fed...

Tebas still tackles Paris Saint-Germain, the LFP is fed up and retaliates


The vase is full. Worse, it overflows. The LFP reacted on Wednesday afternoon to the latest statements by the president of the Spanish Liga, Javier Tebas, who again attacked PSG and “state clubs” which he considers “are as much enemies as the Super League ”.

“The words of the president of the Spanish Football League are not worthy of the institution he represents and that the Professional Football League has always respected,” wrote the LFP in a statement. The Professional Football League therefore asks Mr. Javier Tebas to monitor his outrageous statements. “

PSG also responded

Paris Saint-Germain also responded by means of a letter, the content of which was published by RMC Sport and of which we will remember this enormous punchline: “it is common knowledge that certain Spanish clubs and that your League are facing unsustainable debt levels after blatant mismanagement, not to mention how Spanish football has been funded over the past decade – including by the state. »Hard tackle, but in the spirit of the game.



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