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Peru carried out a defensive experiment and was stripped naked by a Germany that is indeed a power | CHRONICLE

And perhaps one of those conclusions is to risk less and remember more.

—The famous line of 5—

Twenty minutes and coins lasted the project of 5-4-1, 3-5-2, to defend with more men than the rival that Juan Reynoso prepared for this match. We left spaces between the lines that were quickly invaded by the German experts. It made sense then to get Tapia out of the cave and score later, to anticipate: Germany plays at cruising speed, its verticality does not review starting names and in this process of change, the only thing that does not change is its panzer power. Marius Wolf, 27, a Dortmund man and Germany wing midfielder, is proof of this precision. Lobo, what are you doing: on the right he turned off López, struggled with Abram and when he had the chance to stab the area, he fired a saber shot that Niclas Füllkrug made it 2-0 before the end of the first half. That the Bundesliga scorer scored it can be a consolation. Disconcerted, Peru watched, in slow motion, overwhelmed by that vertigo.

The urgent thing was to return to two lines of four and leave the most creative and fastest man with another freedom. With André Carrillo like this, in the second half Peru occupied the field better and possession between one and the other, something was balanced.

Can conclusions be drawn? Yes always. The visible ones at least. 1) Playing with two wingers implies an education for the brand, the deployment and the discipline that they do not necessarily train in their clubs Advíncula -in Boca- and López -in Feyenoord. Perhaps there is a chance there for Polo, revived in that same system by Jorge Fossati in the ‘U’. 2) Difficult to imagine this team without a Cueva-type man, who gives him lucidity from the middle forward, who transforms what is recovered en masse, into a dangerous play in favor. 3) We have a great goalie. Very catcher under the three sticks. That he speaks hard: “The line of 5 cost us. And we were not strong in the divided ones.”

This, however, is not the starting team for Peru. Nor is there certainty that this is the idea for the Qualifiers. It has been a search for options on the plan with which the national team has been coming for 8 years: have the ball, associate, do damage from the accurate pass and the game. The old Orejas-Trauco-Yotún type societies. What we thought eternity. And in that process, seven months after the start of the Qualifiers, the team needs a rival to strip it naked, reveal its weaknesses, ground it. That’s what it’s for, too, playing against Germany. Lose to Germany. Otherwise, we better never leave Videna.

Source: Elcomercio

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