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“They punched us”: Pedro Gallese accuses aggression by the Spanish Police

Before the flag of the fans of the peruvian team A brawl broke out between the ‘Bicolor’ players and the Spanish Police who were present on the outskirts of the concentration hotel. One of the most affected players was Pedro Gallesegoalkeeper and captain of everyone’s team.

LOOK | What caused the fight between the Peruvian team and the Spanish Police?

According to the different images shared on social networks, it seems that everything started when a police officer pushed Yoshimar Yotún so that he does not get close to people. The Sporting Cristal midfielder responded and Pedro Gallese immediately jumped in to defend his teammate.

The ‘Octopus’ was marked out by the Police and a fight broke out between several national teams and the agents present there. The situation got out of control for several minutes.

Minutes after order was restored, Pedro Gallese spoke a few words from the hotel door and denounced an attack by the Spanish Police: “We want to greet people and they start to punch us,” he told Canal N.

When does Peru vs. Morocco?

The match between both teams is scheduled to be played this Tuesday, March 28 in Madrid, Spain. You can follow the broadcast via América TV, ATV and Movistar Deportes.

Source: Elcomercio

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