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Peru fights: a draw against Morocco as the consolation prize for the European trip | CHRONICLE

Peru went to Europe to test how it can be planted in Buenos Aires, Santiago or Asunción. In the first exam in Mainz (2-0) he received such a slap in the face that, in Madrid, Juan Reynoso moved almost the entire board. Knowing in advance that Gallese is today, tomorrow and, also, at the start of the Qualifiers the only one who can be considered a starter, only Advíncula came out again in the eleven of the defense. Then, Zambrano, Santamaría and Trauco completed the first line.

At midfield, placing Tapia and Yotún brought us nostalgia for the Gareca era, and confirmed that together they allow us a clean start and a safe pass that connects the circuits between defense and offense. However, the coach put Polo and López trying to prevent Morocco from becoming strong on the sides. Above, it was known that Lapadula would recover his position as center forward. The novelty was with Carrillo fulfilling the duties of second attacker. He was not a midfielder like Cueva, but a companion who could be associated with the midfield, create danger from the ends or cover the exits of the Moroccan full-backs.

What results did the changes bring? The first and most important: we did not lose. It is always key to add in the moral aspect, and drawing against Morocco, which three months ago was strong against France in the semifinals of Qatar is, at least, positive for the work carried out by the technical command. Now, the great debt of the European mini-tour points out that we hardly kicked on goal in 180 minutes. It is not a matter of whether Ruídiaz, Lapadula, the rookie Percy Liza or Valera play (he did not add minutes in both friendlies). La Blanquirroja has a goal deficit that must be covered before the start of the Qualifiers in September: the scoring was not opened against World Cup teams (Mexico, Germany and Morocco).

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Morocco has Mazraoui from Bayern Munich, Amrabat from Fiorentina, Ziyech from Chelsea, Aboukhlal from Toulouse, En-Nesyri from Sevilla, just to name the players who, when they organized themselves on the pitch of Cívitas Metropolitano, Peru He went through moments of anxiety. Especially on the left side of Trauco and Santamaría. The Moroccans surpassed Marcos López in the middle and looked for the backs of the defense. Thus came the only great danger play of the first half.

A connection between Amrabat and Aboukhal left Trauco in check, who saw Ziyech pass by looking for Mazraoui. With the baseline free, the Moroccan full-back unleashed a cross that En-Nesyri kicked over Santamaría’s foot. Only the saving hand of Gallese -again as it happened in Germany- prevented the 1-0 against.

The ‘Cabezón’ quickly read the difference made by the rival on the left side. In the second stage, Edison Flores entered for López and the balance was found, not in defense but in attack. ‘Orejas’ got together with Trauco and Yotún to show that the Peruvian touch is still one of the best arguments. The best minutes of Peru, however, could not materialize in a single real play of danger.

The expulsion of Zambrano for a hit against Boufal, who also left for reacting against ‘León’, showed us one of the options that Reynoso hopes to consolidate in the coming games. Renato Tapia came down to play central defender and the newcomer Aquino took his place in the middle. Peña also entered although he went unnoticed.

This 0-0 can be read from different angles. Is there much to improve? Of course, and it is an urgent task for Reynoso. Do we have players to compete? Yes, and in some cases it is his last World Cup cycle. What is our best weapon? Consolidate a team that wants to play with the same style for 8 years. Irony is worth it, Juan’s team will be able to point out everything, except that they don’t know how to fight. He already demonstrated it in Madrid.

Source: Elcomercio

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