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Mbappé, a salary of 6 million a month in a season without a World Cup or Champions

In football, millions are also measured in goals, spectacle and achievements. It is what PSG was betting on with Kylian Mbappé in the season, however, for the moment the return for the Parisian team on its million-dollar investment is only in the luxury of having the highest-paid player in the big leagues.

The newspaper “L’Équipe” published yesterday the salaries that are paid in French football and the figures that Mbappé earns far exceeds what Lionel Messi and Neymar receive, who until before Kylian’s emergence were among those who generated the most income .

According to the aforementioned French newspaper, the attacker charges at least 6 million euros gross, of which some 4.62 million net would reach his pocket, a figure that allows him to live with the luxuries that he has, such as buying a Ferrari car for 500 thousand euros despite He doesn’t have a driver’s license. And in his garage models like Mercedes Benz GLE Coupé and a Classe V, an Audi A6 and a Range Rover shine.

It is worth saying that today Cristiano Ronaldo has the most expensive contract in the history of football with 200 million euros per year with Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia, but that link is not only for training and going out on the field – where he has scored 9 goals in 10 games-, they also involve being the image of the Arab country in the candidacy they have for the 2023 World Cup.

For this reason, returning to what is generated on the green field of play, today Mbappé is the best paid in the world after his renewal with the Paris team until 2025, and that made him notice “L’Équipe”. He far exceeds what Lionel Messi and Neymar, his teammates and figures at PSG, charge. The Argentine, current world champion and FIFA The Best has an income of 3.3 million gross per month, while the Brazilian reaches 3.6 in thirty days.

The top ten highest paid players are from PSG. Only in eleventh place does Wissam Ben Yedder appear, who at Monaco earns 650,000 euros a month, just over 10% of what Mbappé earns.

As is known, the renewal of Kylian with PSG was a joint commitment by the team, the French government and the Qatari capital so that the figure remains linked to the Middle East since the World Cup was going to be held there. But in terms of results, it has not materialized in successes. France, with Kylian as its figure, fell in the World Cup final, precisely against Messi’s Argentina. In the Champions League they were eliminated by Bayern Munich, a club whose highest salary is the 22 million per season paid to Sadio Mané, and in local matters they were eliminated from the French Cup. Only Ligue 1 will ‘save’ his campaign, little for so much investment.

Mbappé’s millionaire figures seem not to surprise in the world of football. Cristiano Ronaldo charges exorbitant figures in Saudi Arabia and Neymar is in the news because he lost a million euros in online poker bets. This is the world of football and money in the great cracks.

In terms of salary, no one has yet been able to come close to what Lionel Messi signed with Barcelona in his last renewal, in 2017. The news was made public by “El Mundo” and there was talk of 555.2 million euros for four years of employment. contract. A salary of 138 million gross per year, of which 75 million came to the Argentine coffers.

If today Mbappé earns 6 million gross, Messi’s salary almost doubled, 11.5 each month. It is the largest contract ever known in the so-called beautiful sport.

Source: Elcomercio

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