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Fluminense with Marcelo against Cristal: How do the Brazilians view the sky-blue team for their debut in the Cup?

It is early morning in Lima, but there is a lot of movement at the Jorge Chávez international airport. A star lights up the night and it is about Marcelo, the star who shone at Real Madrid and now heads the Fluminense delegation that this Wednesday faces Cristal for the Copa Libertadores.

Marcelo stole all the attention and was the most besieged by the people who arrive at the airport at dawn. The players arrive with faces tired from the long journey but they still attend with some photos with the fans.

Fluminense fans are eagerly awaiting the debut this season of Marcelo, who after 17 years returned to the club of origin after his successful stint with Real Madrid and a brief stint last year with the Greek team Olympiacos. The 34-year-old Brazilian player was a substitute on Saturday in the first match of the Carioca Championship final, the Rio de Janeiro regional tournament, in which Fluminense lost 2-0 to his historic rival Flamengo.

El Comercio was able to learn that everything will depend on how the game against Sporting Cristal takes place, to see him on the field for a few minutes, although the idea of ​​the leaders is to see him debut at the legendary Maracaná stadium.

Other Fluminense figures who paraded through the Jorge Chávez airport were the experienced goalkeeper Fábio, the also midfielder Felipe Melo, the creative Paulo Henrique Ganso, the Colombian striker Jhon Arias and the Argentine striker Germán Ezequiel Cano, who last season reached 34 goals and was the third top scorer in the world behind Mbappé (38 goals) and Haaland (36).

This Tuesday afternoon, Fluminense has a training session scheduled at La Videna, at 4:00 pm (Peruvian time). At the moment it will be strictly private, where coach Fernando Diniz will define the eleven. At the moment the Fluminense team would go out like this, but there are some doubts that this Tuesday will end up being settled: Fábio; Samuel Xavier, Nino, David Braz, Alexsander; André, Felipe Melo (Guga or Marcelo), Pauki Ganso, Jhon Arias; Keno (Lelê) and German Cano.

Brazilian journalists give their opinion on Sporting Cristal

Gabriel Amaral – journalist from Raiz Tricolor – Youtube channel

“The Group is difficult because Tiago Munes knows Fernando Diniz very well. Due to having a very different style of play, Diniz causes surprise in the rivals. But with Tiago Nunes he won’t make surprises because you already know how he plays. The group is also complicated because I know that Sporting Cristal are playing well. There is also River Plate, a team of pure tradition and good football. Also, up there with The Strongest. I think it will be a difficult group for Fluminense, ”he told El Comercio.

He also told us about the type of players that complicate Fluminense the most. “The players that concern Fluminense the most are the fastest. And when these fast teams have a good finisher, it makes it very difficult. In the Carioca final, Fluminense suffered with Pedro del Flamengo and the Brazilian team. Those are the types of playing that complicate Fluminense. So I think Brenner may be a concern as well,” he said.

“More than the individual players can do, Tiago Nunes’ game system caught my attention. I saw some excerpts before Huracán and you can see a portrait of how different Tiago has done in Cristal. It caught my attention to go all out with my heart, it’s something curious to see Nunes representing a Peruvian team facing a Brazilian club, that also attracts attention”.

Fluminense does not want to be less in the Copa Libertadores against other powerful clubs, which is why they invested in Marcelo. “Fluminense invested financially so that in the Libertadores it would not be eliminated by teams that do not have a greater investment such as River Plate, Boca Juniors, Palmeiras. That would be a disappointment. That is the mentality of the management, players and fans that not qualifying in a difficult group would be a great disappointment. A victory in Lima would be very important for Fluminense, I would tell you a 2-1 in favor of Fluminense, ”he added to this newspaper.

Brazilian journalists Thiago Lima and Gabriel Amaral detail Fluminense's level

Thiago Lima – journalist for globoesporte

For the Brazilian, this duel has a special seasoning since Tiago Nunes replaced Diniz at Atlético Paranaense in 2018. “Tiago spoke to me today about the relationship with Fernando Diniz, that they did not speak to each other later, but they have no differences, it is that they are not friends There is a curious thing, they have already faced each other four times, one victory for each one and two draws”, commented Thiago Lima.

“For this match I think we are favorites because Fluminense comes at a very high level in Brazil. Tiago Nunes himself says in a video that I send to the Brazilian press, that Fluminense is the best team in Brazil today along with Palmeiras, because Fluminense has been playing well”, the press man told us.

“Fluminense is in the group of death as we speak in Brazil, since they have to win their three home games and they have to get away points, taking into account that we will visit River Plate at the Monumental and The Strongest in Bolivia at the height of La Paz, then, the most accessible is to score points in Lima”, stated Thiago Lima.

Source: Elcomercio

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