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“I am left with the desire that Peru is more competitive, that it wants to always be on top”

Wearing Peru’s training shirt in Spain, Alessandro Burlamaqui fulfilled the “kid’s dream”. The footballer from whom Valencia of Spain bought his pass, and who now has minutes at Intercity, trained with the bicolor, spoke with Juan Reynoso and shared moments with players from the Peruvian team during the European tour that faced Germany and Morocco. There he saw and played alongside his two references: Pedro Aquino and Renato Tapia.

El Comercio contacted Alessandro Burlamaqui to tell him about his hopes of dressing again in the bicolor, the challenges he has in his career -including returning to Valencia at the end of the season- and what Juan Reynsoso told him in Spain.

Congratulations on the opportunity you had to train again with the Peruvian team, this time the Major, something you have been working for, how did you feel with the group?

Yes, the truth is that it has been a dream to be able to train with them. Since I started with the Sub 17, I was growing for the Sub 20 and waiting for this opportunity, and the truth is I am very happy. Now, it’s time to wait to continue having more opportunities and it remains to continue working for it.

How was the contact made for you to train with the Peruvian team?

The ‘scout’ contacted me who wanted to invite me to do some training with the national team and, well, the Peruvian Football Federation, for its part, managed it very well, and in the end it was possible for me to train.

I imagine that when you received the news you were happy, why was there that thorn in the Sub 17 and Sub 20 with Peru?

It was an immense joy and also a surprise, since it was something sudden that I did not consider it. It was something very nice.

You got together with two players that you admire a lot in your position in the Peruvian team, Pedro Aquino and Renato Tapia, how about that experience of sharing the pitch with them?

Very good feelings. They are very good companions who always try to help everyone. And with the ball and playing soccer, everyone already knows what the two of them are like. The truth is that seeing them in person has been much better.

What instructions did Juan Reynoso give you during training?

The truth is that Professor Juan invited me to see me, also since the situation is more complicated, me being here in Spain and he in Peru, it is more complicated to be able to follow up. He invited me to see me and show me in training and the truth is that the teacher is very good. From the first day he was all with a great predisposition, wanting the team to improve and that is what he is showing.

What did Juan Reynoso tell you when they chatted?

He told me to keep working and improving, in the end keep taking that little step that, with work and effort, can ultimately be rewarded.

What is your final balance of this experience?

Well, as a final balance, very happy, especially for having enjoyed the experience. As I have already told you, keep working, keep striving and improving to be able to get there (to the national team) tomorrow, that is the goal.

How was the first contact with the selection group? Did Carrillo and the other members of the squad receive you well?

Yes, the truth is that everyone received me very well in the best possible way. You can see that it is a group that is very close, all the teammates are very close and you can see that a beautiful family has been formed and that is really beautiful in a football locker room. I also want to thank you for the welcome that was very good and I felt comfortable.

In what position did Juan Reynoso place you in training?

A bit of 6 (central midfielder) and 8 (mixed midfielder). Both positions.

Where do you feel most comfortable?

I feel comfortable in both positions.

Who was the most difficult teammate to score, because in your position you are constantly colliding with the opponent?

André Carrillo was the most complicated.

Was it difficult for you because of his speed or because of the way he took care of and positioned the ball?

Due to his physique, technically he is very good and he is a player that is hard to stop, due to his power, dribbling, he is a player that is difficult to defend.

But by training in Spain, are you used to a high level of competition?

Yes, here in Spain we have always been educated with the ball, always having the ball and playing with it, is something that I have worked on since I was little.

So, could you tell the readers that your step was positive and soon we will see you with the Peru shirt?

Yes, I tell you, the personal balance has been very positive. The next call with Peru does not depend on me one hundred percent but on the teacher. But what depends on me is to continue working, making an effort and giving my best version, to be able to be there and the teacher can summon me.

What else do you take away from your experience training with the absolute team of Peru?

I am left with the desire that Peru be more competitive, that it wants to improve, that it wants to always be on top, I am left with that ambition to continue improving and being at the level of the years that it has been competing, but that it continues to want more and that believe that you can go to the World Cup. It is the main objective.

Of course, you have the thorn of not reaching the U-17 World Cup, where they stayed due to external results…

Yes, that thorn is always going to be stuck that they couldn’t qualify for the World Cup, but what football now has are opportunities to vindicate itself. I think that now she is one of them with the biggest team and hopefully it can happen. First you have to work and keep striving, and growing to be there.

Have you already been added to the WhatsApp group of the Peruvian team?

Not yet, not yet (laughs while answering).

I imagine that soon the boys will add you to the WhatsApp group of the Peruvian team, so that you can share their ideas, of that family that gives us joy, to a soccer country.

Yes, well, to get to that first I have to work, keep improving and trying. Everything will come hand in hand.

Who did you share a room with in the Peruvian team? Did they play a joke on you?

(He laughs again) The truth is that everything is good there, they usually make jokes, but everything is fine, there is a good atmosphere. I shared a room with Alex Valera.

How would you describe Alex Valera, is he a boy who has the heavy backpack of being the ‘9′ starter for the Peruvian team in a few years?

Well, very good, I think you have to be calm, in the end, the goals and the game will fall. He is young and believes he has to be calm, that things will work out and keep working.

The fact of facing teams like Germany and Morocco, regardless of the result, helps to draw conclusions for what is to come with the bicolor

Obviously, you want to be competitive against any rival. These matches are perfect to show that Peru is ready to compete and take a step up. That is what is sought.

Alessandro Burlamaqui trained as a guest in the Peruvian National Team (Photo: FPF)

What is Professor Juan Reynoso’s work methodology like?

The teacher wants everything to be controlled, every detail. He is very detailed in that and he wants me to do very specific things that we do. The truth is that the teacher raises the matches in the best way, very thoroughly.

Could it be said that Reynoso is a very tactical coach?

Yes, he works a lot in situations that can occur in the game and he always tries to work in the training sessions before the game.

your present

Let’s talk a little about your present at the Intercity club, how do you take the criticism that there was about your leaving Valencia to sign for Badajoz and then go to Intercity? What would you say to them?

(Thinks) I really don’t understand the criticism, in the end, first you have to know where I am and the step you are taking. I believe that the step I have taken is a higher quality step. My career at Badajoz was not the most expected, but at Intercity things are going well, the team is good and the truth is that they have done more than add and have been a very positive step in my career.

Is your goal to return to Valencia more physically and mentally consolidated? When would you come back?

Yes. At the end of the season he would be returning to Valencia in July.

The idea is to be part of the professional team of Valencia

My return would be to seek to stay in the first team. That will always be the objective, to be able to stay in the first team and play there. In the end, you have to see how the season ends, return to Valencia and see what happens.

How are you doing with your Sports Management studies?

I’m still studying, this year has been the beginning of my degree and I still have four years left. I do the university virtual, since it is in Madrid and I take virtual classes. Having a planning and when I go to Madrid for soccer I do the virtual exams, so we are studying.

Source: Elcomercio

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