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“His way of behaving with people was not in line with my way of doing things”, Mathoux gives a little


Rather rare in the media since he occupied the envied position of CFC presenter, Hervé Mathoux has changed his media strategy recently, not hesitating to wet his shirt to defend his company and his name, while Pierre Ménès has it. recently niggled after leaving Canal +.

“He lost his lucidity”

After a long, very corporate spiel in the‘Team on the way he judges the war of attrition between his channel and the LFP on the rights of French football, Mathoux also answered his former acolyte, who had basically accused him of having released him in the open countryside after the revelations cascade driven by the broadcast of Marie Portolano’s documentary.

“Pierre remains divisive in his absence: some rejoice, others complain. We had already lived almost a season without him when he was sick, we finished last season without him, we got used to it, he comments, before getting more spicy. “I don’t even want to blame him. He was confused by everything that happened to him and he lost his lucidity. He knows that I was with him when he was sick, but he also knows that his way of behaving with people, and not just women, was not in line with my way of doing things. I just hope that he will end up taking the path of the questioning that the time dictates to us to have ”. It does not take the way.



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