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Emmanuel Macron wants to enter the Top 5 medals in Paris


Emmanuel Macron received the Olympic and Paralympic medalists from Tokyo on Monday evening to “celebrate” and “prepare” the Paris 2024 Olympics, Games “at home” where it will be necessary to “do a lot more” medal level. In front of more than a hundred medalists, some not being able to be there like the French volleyball players playing a round of 16 of the Euro, the President of the Republic reviewed the best moments of the Tokyo Games in front of the eyes of the presidential candidate and PS mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and of another candidate, the president of the region Valérie Pécresse.

“At home, we are expected”, judge Macron

But, he admitted, “the results are not quite what we expected,” he said, less than three years before the Paris Games. The French team has indeed remained in Tokyo below its objectives and standards with 33 medals after 42 in Rio. “The success of the Games will be the success of our athletes because it works like that”, he insisted Monday evening in front of the athletes and the leaders of French sport, before awarding Legions of Honor or the National Order of merit.

“We must do a lot more, because these are our Games, at home, we are expected”, setting the objective of integrating “the Top 5” but without giving any other figure. He promised that the State would not fail to support French athletes, recalling the current philosophy of “concentrating our efforts on disciplines with high potential”.

The top 5? Russia won 70 medals in Japan

Asked about this goal, including being part of the top five in the world, Claude Onesta, manager of high performance, explained to some journalists that he “used to live with pressure”. Achievable the Top 5, while the Russian Olympic Committee, to obtain this rank, obtained 70 medals including 20 gold in Tokyo? “It’s a challenge, it’s the thing you want to go for”, launched this former architect of the success of French handball with two titles at the Olympics. Describing the results of the Tokyo Olympics as “disappointing”, he has just given the government a precise report and recommendations for the Paris Olympics.

Triple Olympic champion, the judoka Teddy Riner, regular of the place – he comes for the “fourth time” – explained when arriving at the ceremony that it was always a “great honor” and “a great pride”. Asked about Emmanuel Macron’s promise to make France a “sporting nation” for the Paris 2024 Olympics, the judoka replied: “France is a great sporting nation, but to think that we are going to win 90 medals at Paris 2024, no. You have to do a lot more things to claim 90 medalists in 3 years ”.



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