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Manchester City’s official store clears all traces of the player


We wonder who would have such an idea given the circumstances, but according to our colleagues from Telegraph, who conducted their little investigation, it is no longer possible to obtain any derivative product bearing the likeness of Benjamin Mendy on the official Manchester City club online store, nor jersey flocked to his name.

No derivative product available

If the player’s profile remains visible on the club’s website, the search for “Mendy” redirects Internet users to the home page. Held in pre-trial detention by the Chester court, which scheduled the trial for January 2022, the 2018 world champion, who is indicted for 4 rapes and one sexual assault between October 2020 and August 2021, is already suspended by his club since his arrest a few days ago.

“Manchester City can confirm that after being indicted by police today, Benjamin Mendy was suspended pending an investigation,” the statement said. The case is undergoing legal proceedings and the club are therefore unable to comment further until such proceedings are completed. Next judicial meeting on November 15, for a pre-trial hearing.



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