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Belgian goalkeeper “accepts the challenge” of playing against Mbappé, Messi, and Neymar


Attendant at the pre-derailed press conference against PSG this Tuesday, Simon Mignolet, the very experienced goalkeeper of FC Bruges wanted to play down the upcoming clash by joking about his pre-match preparation in an attempt to stop Messi, Neymar, Mbappé and the others: “We laughed with the goalkeeper coach because we have a machine to shoot balls at the same speed as the players, but I told him that no machine can do the same as the biggest star in the world. “

“We are not going to stay within our 16 meters”

The Belgium international, however, recalled with a naughty little smile that he had already faced Messi with his previous team, Liverpool, and that the Argentina star had not left Anfield with an excellent memory, to say the least. ‘you could say. “I’m proud to be on the pitch and to play against players like that, but you have to be level to try to win the game. It’s not my first time playing against Messi, and I won 4-0 with Liverpool [en demi-finale retour de C1 2019]. We are humble, we know that we are playing against the strongest, we accept the challenge. “

Philippe Clément, his trainer, wanted to be even more offensive: “We are not going to stay 90 minutes in our 16 meters, the goal is still to score” goals “, we have worked as much on defense as on attack. . I want players who are convinced that they have to do things with the ball, not just without the ball. First of all, I want a team that is convinced from the first second of its qualities, not just focused on the opponent. ” Easier said than done.

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