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What did Cristal’s sports manager say about the Copa Libertadores, Liga 1 and Brenner Marlos?

The sports manager Sporting CristalGuido Bravo, came forward to give an assessment of what the sky-blue team has been doing in the league 1 and Libertadores Cup. In addition, he announced that they will seek to hire a left back in the middle of the year.

Next, he reviews his statements given to Radio Ovación.

Libertadores Cup

“The first two games have been extremely difficult, we already knew that the toughest rivals were going to be the first two we were going to face.

Despite the fact that we had a sober first half and that we left with a draw, emotionally it cost us a lot, it was difficult for us to get up from the quick goals in the second half and with Fluminense, the team gave everything, but you have to know that these rivals compete in the two best leagues in South America.

The message I want to give is one of calm and restraint, we have a match against The Strongest that we have to become strong and we have to win it and by moving forward with that match the panorama can change radically”.

league 1

“The evaluations are always made regardless of the result, in victory, draw or defeat it is seen and the balance so far is positive. The Achilles heel is that we have not been able to carry out league games, which we should have done”.

Brenner Marlos

“I know there is criticism for number 9, but Brenner was a consensus decision at the club, we believe that he can show us a better level as he has already done, during the preseason process and in league games. I know that he has a better version to show us and the board trusts him”.

Fernando Pacheco

“I have meetings with Pacheco as with all the players on loan from the club, it is a way of being close to them despite being on loan. We have no plans for Pacheco to return at this time. The plan is that he can have the minutes ”.

Mid-year pass market

“We are in all the planning of the upcoming market, we know that it is an important market, since it is the definition of the championship, so we are working with the scouting area and with the technical command to define the profiles of the contracts.”

Nilson Loyola and Irven Avila

“The cases of Loyola and Ávila were unfortunate, Nilson felt muscular discomfort during the warm-up, we hope that after the MRI we will have him recovered and he will be able to be in the following ones, while Ávila has a tear and will be out for a few dates”.

Source: Elcomercio

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