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“A part of the public will insult him”, Griezmann manhandled for his return to Wanda?


The ordeal by fire for Antoine Griezmann. Pulsed during his smooth return with Atlético Madrid on the ground of Espanyol Barcelona, ​​the French will find his former audience in numbers against Porto in the Champions League on Wednesday evening, and the reunion is likely to be hot, if we believe Eduardo Fernandez, president of the International Union of Atlético Madrid penas interviewed by the‘Team.

“We experienced it as a betrayal”

“Part of the audience will whistle and insult him, that’s for sure. When his name is announced and as soon as he touches the ball, even if a minority will still applaud him. We have the feeling of having been led by boat and deceived, he develops. Like during an infidelity. We were still together and he went to look elsewhere behind our back. We experienced it as a betrayal. What we blame him for is having played with our feelings. Despite everything he could say, he wasn’t so true to our colors. “

The sketch of the clip The decision, to finally leave a year later and return with the tail between the legs, all that still weighs in the heads of the Colchoneros supporters. “I imagine that people will be demanding with Griezmann as they are with us on a daily basis,” said Diego Simeone, who wanted this return more than anything. The Atletico supporter is very demanding and it is normal that he is demanding with him, as with everyone. This could be settled quickly with a brace on Wednesday, that said.



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