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Photo of the private suite in the nightclub: Dani Alves’ defense presents new evidence

New evidence is presented in the case of Daniel Alveswho is in pretrial detention after being denounced by a woman for alleged rape at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, ​​in December last year.

The Brazilian’s defense, led by Cristóbal Martell, filed a new 200-page appeal and a 12-minute video with the aim of demonstrating that the complainant “lies” according to what is observed in the security images of the aforementioned discotheque.

“Extraordinary evidence of inconsistencies and inconsistencies in the accusatory account,” reads the appeal filed by the defense of Dani Alves, who also added: “Whoever is capable of distorting the account in the prolegomena or preambular facts is capable of doing so at the moment nuclear accusation”.

“No vaginal lesions. Absence of typical reduction lesions is observed. The only lesion is compatible with a position that, in itself, does not show consent or lack of consent ”, it is indicated in another part of the resource.

The photo of the private suite

‘El Periódico’ published a photo of the private suite that Dani Alves and his friend had on the night of December 30 to 31, 2022. It shows a long armchair and other small ones, as well as a television and a table.

The defense argues that whenever Dani Alves went to the premises, he requested the sixth table on the VIP floor, the only one that has access to one of the most private rooms of the nightclub. The table has a clandestine door next to it through which the reserved area is accessed.

“That access leads to narrow stairs that go up to an upper, glass-enclosed platform. The glass also allows you to see the dance floor from inside that room, but not the other way around”.

However, this snapshot also leaves open the question of why Dani Alves and the woman did not go up to this suite that they had available and, instead, went to the bathroom, where the alleged rape would have occurred.

Source: Elcomercio

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