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Universitario belongs to Ureña and his people: creams leave Cristal dull and are one game away from the lead | CHRONICLE

And Universitario has made his position clear: he wants to fight for the Apertura. In the match that in the previous one was the most demanding for the creams and without their figures Piero Quispe, Luis Urruti and Alex Valera, they solved it with solvency based on a lot of pressure, they occupied all the spaces well and they did not waste the terrible game that Cristal made with variants that few understood in the process.

With goals from Martín Pérez Guedes and José Rivera, the creams beat the sky-blues 2-0 and maintain a two-point difference with Alianza, whom they can beat next week if they beat Sport Boys -visit game to be played at the Monumental because the chalacos do not have a stadium available-, since the intimate ones rest.

And it will be a party in Ate, like every date that receives its team. Yesterday the Monumental once again had a spectacular setting and the creams don’t fail at home. Since the defeat in the classic, they have won five in a row, which makes them one of the best venues in the tournament.

Cristal not only arrived late at the Monumental Stadium -due to traffic she arrived at 8:10 pm when the game was scheduled for 8:30 pm, so it had to be delayed until 8:45 pm – she was not on time for the each split play. Tiago Nunes set up the match badly without a 9 from the area and with full-backs well below his level. You cannot compete if only six touches are made in the opposite area. Thus, the celestial added their fifth game in a row without being able to win.


And the ‘U’ showed that they also have a bench, because Horacio Calcaterra appeared to generate play – and provide the assist for the first goal. Piero Quispe’s ‘replacement’ showed that they also have luxury substitutes, capable of leading the team when the so-called starters are needed.

A cream box that, despite changing a large part of its attack system, was able to finish off Cristal’s goal 24 times, although only 8 of them went on goal. And he was able to do damage because he has enthusiastic players like José Rivera, who always plays vertically towards the opposite goal. Finally he was given the goal of him with a cream shirt, that’s why the tears in the final celebration.

But this ‘U’ is sustained because it found that captain of the ship in midfield who, limping, is capable of winning a split and generating a counterattack that almost ended in a goal: Rodrigo Ureña.

The Chilean midfielder has played eleven games, all starting -he was only not in the duel against Melgar after being sent off against Mannucci- and who has played the most minutes of the entire squad. He adds 917 minutes, surpassing the 900 of José Carvallo (10 complete games), and the 908 of Matías di Benedetto, another who has played eleven games as a starter.

Rodrigo Urenaeleveneleven5917
Matthias di Benedettoeleveneleven1848
Jose Carvallo1010900
Martin Perez Guedes12eleven7848
Williams Riveros99810
Source: Opta

The creams by the hand of Jorge Fossati do not fail. Ten games without losing (eight wins and two draws), to be protagonists in the South American and fight in the 1st League. They don’t want to say it, but they know that next Saturday they can take the lead in the Apertura and leave Alianza de come back Until now the creams have been able to with that responsibility of being behind and not failing.

Source: Elcomercio

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