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What’s going on with Crystal? UnoxOne of a team that against the U added its fifth game without wins

The preview already warned what was about to happen. The bus that transported Sporting Cristal He got stuck in the hellish traffic on Javier Prado Avenue and caused the game to be delayed fifteen minutes. Signs of destiny, the celestial ones lived a black night in the Monumental. In fact, after 90 more added minutes of play, it seems that Tiago Nunes’s team never arrived. So, Universitario crushed a Cristal lacking in ideas and attitude in the game and beat him 2-0 to practically leave him out of the Apertura Tournament fight.

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Many things can be said that sound like excuses. That the unforeseen -bad planning- with the bus, that the little time to warm up and endless etceteras; but Cristal disappeared in the Monumental. They looked like souls in a light blue shirt wandering on the pitch of the colossus of Ate who watched how the cream players played a match of such magnitude as they should play: starting from the attitude (call it grit if you wish) to the intelligence to know when to hit a rival who was knocked out from the start.

Perhaps pressured by criticism of his ‘9’, Brenner Marlos; Tiago Nunes decided to experiment by putting the skilled Joao Grimaldo as a kind of false center forward and ended up drowning him before the iron mark of the three central meringues (Corzo-Riveros-Di Benedetto). He left in the bank Jesus Pretel, his only combative player in the middle, against a rival is characterized by fighting and winning that ground. Two changes that, with the newspaper on Monday, did not work out and ended up hurting the team.

The result did not reflect what happened on the field. And it’s not because Universitario deserved to score more goals, but because Cristal deserved to receive more. Cristal hasn’t risen and, although winning his two pending games, he gets two of the 25 points of the ‘U’ and four of the 27 of the Alianza leader, there are no signs of improvement.

From the mistrust of Renato Solís, through the football insignificance of Nilson Loyola, to the impotence of a Yoshimar Yotún who has never been the same since he returned to Florida. Cristal has fallen before the ‘U’ after almost five years, but that is not the alarming thing, but the way in which he was defeated, in how each of the footballers who took the field with the light blue shirt on played. Then the UnoxUno of Full sport.

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Source: Elcomercio

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