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Why do the Cristal fans resist the current Rimense directive? | By Mario Fernandez

At first glance it only seemed like the fight between Yotún vs. Nunes, or rather, the fight between the players and the coach. Actually, the crossing exists, but not in the category of fight but of “differences by method”; The Brazilian is workajolic and much more experimental than the average coach this young group has dealt with. There are frictions typical of tests that do not come out, plans that are not fulfilled, bets that do not pay off. But that difference is by no means the biggest that exists in Cristal. That is the preliminary to a bigger and more stellar round.

I refer to the open war raised by the fans to the directive. The bar against Raffo’s directive. The former accuse the latter of having reached the presidency not being the best offer -they expose Federico Cúneo’s as the most profitable-, of treating the club with the parallel objective of selling players for the INNOVA company and, most sensitive, that both the president and the sports director are not fans of Cristal, but of the U.

The latter defend themselves against the former, arguing that so much stick ignores the club’s classification to the Libertadores group zone after several years, the acquisition of some young talents such as Alarcón, former Boys, and the arrival of a renowned coach as Nunes, convinced to come by who is the preferred victim of the bar -we refer to the director Guido Bravo, whom they resist furiously-.

Leaving it clear that there is a basic antipathy here, which conditions the mood of the fans with any measure of the ruling party, it is also true that Cristal has many more holes in the squad than, for example, the U or Alianza. Never like this year have the compadres been armed for two competitions and it is not the case of the celestial ones. The absence of a serious replacement on the wings and of some heavier attacking attacker -they have an excess of wingers- are very notorious shortages. The same as the case of 9, a problem that years ago Mosquera could not solve by bringing Riquelme and Mosquera nor now Nunes with Brenner.

There is little faith in that sensitive position, where U has up to three options -Succar, Valera and Herrera- and Alianza has at least two high-level options -Sabaag and Barcos-. The fan’s ego clearly suffers in that comparison.

The only way to appease this open war is with results. But if the board of directors can convince the fans that they are on the same page, it is by attending to the request for reinforcements for the second half of the year. It doesn’t make sense to invest in a Nunes if you can’t have variants in key areas such as attack. More in a League 1 that is usually defined by the scoring power of the chosen foreigner -let’s review but the differential that Barcos represented the last two years-. From the board of directors they can argue that there is not the same money as before or that they do not have the logistics that Backus once gave, but without a “gesture” of strengthening there will be no way to calm anger. It’s that or more fight. It’s either that or the Crystal, I think, breaks.

Source: Elcomercio

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