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Tiago Nunes asks for more respect for Yotún: “He is the captain and Cristal is his home” | VIDEO

in defense of Yoshimar Yotun it was pronounced Tiago NunesTD of Sporting Cristalafter the criticism of the Rimense referent for the discussion he had with the strategist after the draw against César Vallejo, which ended with the unaccepted resignation of the Brazilian.

The sky-blue club’s board of directors did not accept the coach’s offer and the issue was clarified this Sunday in Florida, where Nunes appeared at a press conference and closed with a message of support for ‘Yoshi’.

I don’t feel lucky for the support of the fans on social networks, I should have supported everyone. If the team is not well it is my responsibility, not the players’”, he began by saying.

Then the coach referred specifically to Yotún: “We have spoken directly, even though it is normal to be insulted on social networks or inside the stadium, he is a player who deserves respect, he is a Peruvian, not a national, like many here, that you can only play with five foreigners and they play with 8 or 9, he is a World Cup player, international, with a strong personality and temperament and that is why I identify with him. That is why he is the captain of the team and he deserves more respect, when there is someone with this path and he assumes the responsibility of being captain it is not easy. This is his house. I am here to show all my support for him and the team”, he indicated together with the president of the institution.

Source: Elcomercio

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