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Why did Tiago Nunes argue with Yotún after Cristal vs. Vallejo? The coach clarified the relationship with the midfielder

Tiago Nunes and Yoshimar Yotún had a word exchange at the end of the match between Sporting Cristal and César Vallejo, last Friday. The tie, the reaction of the fans and the tensions in the squad broke out in the middle of the Alberto Gallardo stadium. When everyone gave the coach away from the club, this afternoon, it was confirmed that he will continue to take the reins of the ‘celestial’.

But, what is the relationship between the midfielder and the DT, and in general, between the squad and Nunes. The same strategist was in charge of dispelling the doubts of a possible break and affirmed that he feels supported.

“I had a direct talk with Yoshimar Yotún and other players who went to my house. From there, I felt supported to continue focused. I will continue to be the coach of Sporting Cristal, ”he said with determination.

“There was a discussion between the coach and some players, over an agreement to greet people. For everything that was generated in the game, the amount of insults that the players received decided not to greet the fans in protest. I did not agree, ”said Nunes, about the discussion with his directors.

Likewise, Nunes did not miss the opportunity to praise ‘Yoshi’, who is the main one pointed out by the bad moment of the Bajo Pontino team.

“With Yoshimar Yotun, we have spoken directly, he is a player who deserves respect, he is a Peruvian player, he is not nationalized; World Cup player, with personality, strong temperament and that is why I identify with him too”, he mentioned.

“I made my position available on Friday. Many times a change helps to improve the situation. Sometimes you don’t feel inside, motivated. I made my position available with the club in mind,” she added.

“I believe to death in this project. The president did not accept my departure. I received the same message from the players, from captain Yoshimar Yotún. After that I felt supported to continue focused, at no time did I resign, I only made my position available so that the board of directors could evaluate the situation, ”he continued.

Source: Elcomercio

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