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Juan Reynoso: “The generational change is what makes us lose sleep the most”

How important is it to visit the players at their clubs? What does the technical command of Peru learn from this contact?

Very much. I think the human relationship is another. The interaction with them, beyond the fact that we know them and have trained and played, being able to start a conversation at meals, having time or space at dinner or having coffee, meeting their family, opens us up other doors. The interaction with their coaching staffs has been fundamental, and assessing where they train, how they train, how they travel, the hours they travel. I think it is a mixture of things that we come with another chip in terms of how we should receive them, especially in the training methodology while already in the selection process.

To the friendlies of Morocco and Germany the list did not present news. Is this the base, adding Cueva and Reyna, for the Qualifiers?

It is that the situation did not help to continue bringing (to Videna) players from the local environment and to be able to see them in the previous week. Remember that the tournament has started very late, that even complicates us when it comes to planning for Asia (friendlies against South Korea and Japan). So, that is why we only include, in quotes, the best known. We did not have the previous days of training with 30 players, we only summoned 17 or 18. And today it will be more of the same, really, those that we summon are in the middle of their vacations, others starting, and they will be the ones that we end up taking to Asia (FIFA dates June 15 and 19) from Lima. Some will wait for June 11 or 12 to be able to travel, others will join when their tournaments finish, late May or early June, and will be able to give us the scope in Asia.

What other players make up the universe of summonable selected? Does Oliver Sonne belong to that group at the moment?

They are the ones being followed by the FPF scouting department. (About Sonne) We are waiting for her to regularize the situation of her papers. Once that is regularized and he can train with us, he will be summoned to meet the boys and also see him in that interaction with them.

Is generational change contemplated in this process? With which players could this replacement be given?

Yes Yes. It is what makes us lose sleep the most. For this reason, the calls from the local media are important to us, because that gives us a mapping not only in the matches but also in having them train, knowing how they think, how they interact, how they eat, how they train. That is the investment. What happens is that, since the tournament started so late, we have not been able to put in many calls or microcycles because there is not space to be able to do it, but that is our primary intention beyond winning, competing and working out the classification for the next World.

Peru vs. Morocco, friendlies March 2023Age
Pedro Gallese33 years
Luis Advincula33 years
Anderson Santamaria31 years
Carlos Zambrano33 years
Miguel Trauco30 years
Renato Tapia27 years
Yoshimar Yotun32 years
Andre Carrillo31 years
Marcos Lopez23 years
Andy Pole28 years
Gianluca Lapadula33 years
Peru average age: 30.4 (Source: Transfermarkt)

Is the tactical system that we saw the first 25 minutes against Germany, the 3-5-2 (according to Soccerway and SofaScore) going to prove it again?

Yes, yes, of course. They are tools that we have to practice. And at some point they’re going to bail us out. More than 3-5-2 that day was 3-4-2-1.

Did you practice that system with the intention of using it against teams of the level of Argentina or Brazil?

They are such teams that, supposedly, on visits are going to carry the weight of the game and we not only want to defend but we must have the space to play with the ball, so they don’t find us. There are tactical and strategic situations that we want to anticipate, and that the boys assimilate.

Conmebol selectionsAverage age
1. Ecuador25.4
2. Brazil26.2
4. Columbia26.7
6. Venezuela28.1
7. Paraguayan28.2
8. Argentina28.6

Source: Elcomercio

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