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What does Juan Reynoso think of Cueva’s substitution and how is the monitoring of Quispe and Concha in the FPF?

The Peruvian coach completed an interview cycle with all the national press. This is the second part of the ten minutes he had with Deporte Total from El Comercio. What are you talking about? Cueva, Valera, Quispe and Concha. Juan’s word is gaining weight in the Blanquirroja.

What does an experienced player need, with a past in the national team, to be taken into account in their calls? For example, the Cueva case in Alianza Lima and Edison Flores in Atlas, both substitutes in their clubs.

Have a good present and that the follow-up that we are doing is reflected in performance. In the specific case of the two (Cueva and Flores) they are not playing, but we know that when they arrive, they continue to make a difference with one of the local media. That, obviously, is valid at some point, at other times if a boy from the local environment is in a better performance he will be called, but in the case of Christian and Edison when they have gone with the national team they always make the difference and that leaves us quiet. Obviously, they are the most concerned. I have the information and I am sure because Christian arrives at Alianza at 6.30 am or 7 am, he does his rehabilitation and from there he trains with the group. The same goes for Edison. Until a few days ago, a physiotherapist from the Federation spent almost 15 days training with him, there in Guadalajara, to get him ready. I think those are important guidelines and indications that show that they want to be there. It is what we value.

Are you satisfied with Christian Cueva’s level? Is he a starter in the national team today?

That, to anticipate it, I think would be unwise of me. If a while ago you were talking about the present of the boys, we are going to be more interested in how you are going to get to the dates of June (15 and 19). He comes from a recovery process, we know that he will go from less to more, and when the time comes he will define himself according to the people who are competing in that sector of the pitch. A lot has to do with what Christian is going to do between now and then, and we will decide on that moment. A lot, too, has to do with what the rival can propose, etc.

Is Alex Valera the current substitute striker for Gianluca Lapadula or does he still trust Raúl Ruidíaz a lot?

No no. There is Raúl, there is Paolo, who has been getting better. Percy (Liza), God willing, speed up his recovery. Alex, today for his present, I’m sure he’s setting a trend. A bit to capture what I’m telling you, prior to the previous trip, Alex was not in this present. And we are talking about a similar time of what will be missing between now and June. It may be that in June, God forbid for Alex, he will return to the previous present. That is football, it is present, and the better we see it, we will surely take advantage of it.

How much does it add to the team that Universitario, Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal are not only protagonists of Liga 1 but that this year they also have good results in international tournaments?

A lot, because everyone’s self-esteem grows, all of Peruvian football. But it also gives them more tools for when they compete with the players who participate abroad, and they make us doubt and think. If we see them well, as happened to Polo… Polo ended up playing (34′ against Germany, and 80′ against Morocco). Bryan Reyna no longer traveled, it was Ray Sandoval and we saw him well, and he played a few minutes in both games. For me, that’s football, it’s present and if I see them doing well and they compete with outsiders, on some occasions they’re better off, then we have to give them the opportunity.

What is the relationship that the technical command of Peru has with Jorge Fossati, a Universitario coach?

Right now, since the tour has ended, the entire coaching staff is going to start going to the provinces, to the teams in Lima, to do something similar to what we have done in Europe and gather information. I think that, regardless of whether it is ‘U’ or Alianza, we need to visit everyone and collect information from everyone. There are teams that have more selected teams than others, but hey, the intention of nourishing ourselves with the greatest amount of information and giving them what they (the selected ones) do here makes both parties grow.

You still haven’t been able to set foot on Matute, is it a pending visit?

Yes, it is a pending visit and I know that it will end up giving. We have the information, luckily, from another part without going to the club. That is already a more institutional issue than mine, but what is important for us is to have the numbers and what happens in the games. Surely later we will have more information, that this is already an idea of ​​the Federation, of selections, that they will find out; and that we are going to collect the information in a more natural way.

A final opinion from Piero Quispe (University) and Jairo Concha (Alianza Lima). Does the technical command follow them?

They are players who are already on the radar, who have been called up, who have had more than one process with us. Pierito has had a very important evolution, he is becoming more established, we see him with more confidence, being more preponderant in Universitario, and Jairo is a player who always plays in Alianza with the coach. He can be used in various positions in midfield and for us he is the future of the team, so whenever we can we call him up and make him train with people who come from abroad.

Source: Elcomercio

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